GlobalCom PR-Network: world-wide partner meeting taking place in Brussels, Belgium in May 2007

From May 22 to 24, the GlobalCom PR-Network partner meeting will take place in Brussels at the Radisson SAS Hotel. All members from over 40 countries worldwide are invited to meet and get to know each other, bring prospects to the meeting and attend the big “building bridges” evening event.

The “building bridges” event is a celebration of the official launch of the collaboration of Kyodo PR (the number 1 PR agency in Japan) and the GlobalCom PR-Network. All partner agencies are invited to bring companies that are looking for international PR to the event. Japanese companies looking for international PR (Kyodo PR contacts) will be present as well as companies looking for international PR. This special event will be held in the beautiful Theatre Le Vaudeville on the May 24th, 2007.

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Kyodo PR: GlobalCom’s Partner in Japan

Kyodo PR is the fastest-growing, and now largest independent public relations counselling firm listed inLogokyodo
Japan. Established in 1964, Kyodo PR is engaged in all aspects of public relations, including overall counseling, media relations and promotional support for marketing and consumer sales. It is staffed with around 260 employees including 170 specialists in all phases of communications programming.

Kyodo PR was founded by Sakae Ohashi, who is still the president. During the years Kyodo PR has developed a philosophy based on efficiency and personal contacts with the media.

Its clients on a retainer basis currently number over 200, covering all areas from industrial manufacturers, consumer service companies to governmental organizations. Kyodo PR has offices in Japan, China, Korea and Belgium.

Taurus Marketing: GlobalCom’s Partner in Australia

Taurus Marketing is Australia’s fastest growing marketing agency with a boutique approach to service. Based in Sydney, Australia, Taurus is a boutique PR, marketing and creative agency whose clients range from medium businesses to major listed corporations. The agency specialises in corporate communications for the IT, Financial and Professional Services industries and has been servicing their clients in close, long term relationships for over 10 years.

Taurus Marketing offers unparalleled levels of commitment, personal, flexible service and a practical approach to PR, marketing and creative concepts. The agency works with and is trusted by leading CEO’s based on their excellent track record of delivering tangible PR and Marketing results.

When you choose Taurus you harness the diverse and specialist skills of a carefully selected team of professional Marketing, PR and Creative minds. The team includes ex in-house Marketing Management as well as Senior Agency Account Directors and Creative talent, so the agency understands the needs of the client/agency relationship from both sides of the fence.

Taurus was formed in 1995 when founder Sharon Williams was personally chosen by Peter Kazacos, CEO of the KAZ Group to help build the KAZ brand into the largest IT services company in Australia. Today, Taurus has gone on to help over 150 businesses.

International Conference on Communication Practice – taking place in Portorož, Slovenia May 17th and 18th, 2007

Hosting every year more than 100 communication practitioners from all over the South Eastern and Central European region, this year the International Conference on Communication Practice Portorož 2007 will once again take place in the Portorož Grand Hotel Metropol.

With the main focus on new perspectives in media relations and the transformation of the media landscape, several internationally renowned communication experts, coming from United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia will speak at the conference. Amongst them will be David Henderson, strategic communications and reputation management strategist, journalist, and the author of books dealing with the media changes in the US and Europe; Anne Speckhard, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry at the University of Georgetown and a member of several research groups in NATO, United Nations, and the US Department of Health and Human Services; Adrian Wheeler (former president of Public Relations Consultants Association, an active member of the International Public Relations Association and of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, as well as an expert in issue management and crisis communications; Simone Anders, researcher and communications management consultant for different regional markets at the German Media Tenor Institute for media analysis; and Ralf Hartmann, president of the GlobalCom PR-Network, PR and Marketing Communications group with partners and affiliated members world-wide.

Well connected: GlobalCom PR-Network has established new partnerships in Eastern Europe and Russia (CIS)

GlobalCom PR-Network is expanding once again: Following Japan, Korea and China, partnerships have now been established in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with AC&C Public Relations, Montenegro with AMC Communications, Slovenia and Croatia with SPEM Group and Russia with Terra Nova Communications.

As such, the network is reacting to the growing demand for PR services from international companies in the growing Eastern European market.

“In the new EU member states such as Russia, PR is an important factor for a company’s success. There are, however, different rules and standards in the area of public relations from what we’re used to here. We have only chosen agencies that are established and possess excellent market knowledge and contacts in their own country, in order to provide our customers with the best possible PR consultants,” says Ralf Hartmann, co-founder of GlobalCom PR-Network.

GlobalCom enters Asian markets – Kyodo Public Relations with offices in Japan, China and Korea joins the Network

GlobalCom PR-Network, headquartered in Brussels, welcomes the leading Japanese agency Kyodo PR as a new member to the GlobalCom family. Kyodo PR will represent GlobalCom’s clients in Asia while Asian clients can expand their PR initiatives through the network partners worldwide.

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Tokyo, Kyodo PR is one of the most successful agencies in Japan. The stock market listed agency has 262 consolidated employees and more than 200 national and multinational clients from various markets. In addition to the headquarters in Tokyo, Kyodo has offices in Brussels, Korea and China.

For GlobalCom PR-Network, which recently became an incorporated organization and currently covers over 60 countries, this new partnership represents a major milestone in its international expansion: „With China’s market opening and Japans role as an important importer and technology leader, more and more companies need on-site PR and marketing support. In Kyodo PR we have found an experienced and strong partner who knows the Asian market very well and fulfills the GlobalCom PR-Network quality standards“, says Ralf Hartmann, Co-founder of GlobalCom PR-Network.