SPEM Communications Group: GlobalCom’s Partner in Slovenia and Croatia

SPEM Communications Group is an internationally recognized agency, specializing in communications
counseling, realization of communications and research projects and education.  From its very beginnings in 1986, SPEM has developed into one of the leading agencies in the Adriatic region. Today it holds offices in Slovenia (Maribor, Ljubljana) and Croatia (Zagreb), and has a representative in Belgium (Brussels).

Membership in international networks and associations, as well as numerous other agency contacts in Central in SE Europe, enables SPEM’s activity on the global market. In the past 21 years they successfully participated in about 940 Slovene and foreign communications and research projects in 21 countries. With their knowledge and experience, they offer original and efficient solutions to communications’ challenges.

From its very beginnings, SPEM Communications group significantly contributes to widen the awareness about the importance of communication and educates individuals for successful work in the PR field. SPEM is a carrier of the program and the owner of the franchise of internationally recognized London School of PR in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Božidar Novak,

General Manager, Partner


Suzana Mihelin Ritlop,

Research and Development Manager, Partner


AC & C Public Relations: GlobalCom’s Partner in Czech Republic and Slovakia

AC&C Public Relations
is a full-service agency, on the market since 1993, belonging among the Top Ten in the country and one of the largest PR agencies the Czech Republic.

With a staff of 24 people, holding a Consultation Managament Standard Certificate of Quality and unique know-how serves top multinational clients from different sectors as automotive, aviation, telco, finance, consultancy or energy.

Partner, Director of Media Relations Division

A former Czech Television reporter who later became deputy editor – in – chief editor for Hospodářské noviny. He’s been
in PR since 1994. He is a VŠE graduate, Prague.

Partner, Managing Director

A former journalist of first automotive,
and later economics. His journalistic career ended with his becoming the head of Hospodářské noviny, a daily newspaper. He’s been in PR since 1993. He is a ČVUT graduate, Prague.

PR Hub: GlobalCom’s Partner in India

Founded in late 2000, PR HUB initially started as a media relations firm with a technology focus. It was founded by Jai Xavier Prabhu David, a young professional who was driven by the desire to create a new breed of communications firm in India.

Towards early 2004 the firm reinvented itself as an Integrated Communications Consultancy and Services firm to be able to significantly engage clients and provide them with higher value. Simultaneously they expanded the focus sectors to education, healthcare, entertainment and professional services among others.

Mid 2004, the agency set upon themselves a mission of geographic expansion and they have set up offices in Chennai and Delhi additional to the one existing in Bangalore.

Jai Xavier Prabhu David says „Our journey or vision is not just to create the largest or the most successful integrated communications consultancy and services firm. But about what we stand for, what we do to people who work for us and how much (even if little) are we able to change some of the paradigms of our marketplace. To us values like empathy, creativity, transparency and
reliability are as important as size or profitability. Hence, we differ vastly in the approach we would take, in the road we would traverse and the destination we would like to reach.“

First Public Relations: GlobalCom’s Partner in Poland

FIRST PR was founded in 1990, as the first professional PR agency in Poland, now offering public relations and public affairs services.

Today’s agency staff is 17 full time professionals (all additionally trained on board). Clients are mostly large multinationals and large Polish corporations, served under long term contracts. In many cases FIRST PR introduced their clients to the market and was growing with them.

FIRST PR is the only public relations agency in Poland having ISO 9001 certificate.

FIRST PR served sectors are shopping & retailing, aviation, defense industry, telecommunication, energy, financial & insurance services, IT, media, medicine and pharma industry, travel and leisure.
FIRST PR always adapts all PR activities to the uniqueness and corporate culture of its client. They combine deep knowledge of the Polish market with professional knowledge of PR techniques and tools.
FIRST PR works according to the best international standards of PR practice and business ethics.

PraxisPR – Consultores de Comunicação: GlobalCom’s Partner in Portugal

PraxisPR – Consultores de Comunicação, Lda provides integrated full business services in PR &
Communications both to local and international clients since it was created, back in June 1979.

The agency position themselves both as consultants and professional service suppliers. This means they fully act as the PR & Communications Department of their clients. PraxisPR designs the Strategies, implements the Action Programs and monitors and evaluates the Results.

Historically PraxisPR specialized in corporate communications, media relations, events organisation and graphics communication in the areas of, Healthcare, Information Technology and Telecommunications and Consumer.

Their present staff of 16 people (12 communication consultants and 4 administrative support staff) assists their clients in every area where information and communication are crucial for business success, both at internal and external level.

GM Group: GlobalCom’s Partner in Argentina

GM Group is an Integral Communications Company, operating throughout Latin America helping their clients efficiently and effectively communicate and position their brands, products and services with their relevant publics.

GM Comunicaciones has developed a permanent link between the communication media and companies so that the latter can strengthen their image, release their products, ideas or services and, as a result, get closer to potential clients. It also advises companies with regard to internal communication.

This unit assists companies during the entire process to understand and create sound relationships with the communication media, clients and the public in general.

GM Comunicaciones strategically develops its management services based on the clients‘ needs.