GlobalCom PR-Network launches bio fuel expert Primafuel in Europe


California based bio energy expert Primafuel, starts European PR in conjunction to their attendance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Bio energy specialist Primafuel situated in Signal Hill (California, USA) presents a new and innovative approach to the production of zero-carbon fuels. Primafuel develops technology for the biofuel industry, reducing the carbon output along every step of the fuel supply-chain. Their innovative concept includes waste-stream recycling, scalable and modular refineries, carbon-monitoring infrastructure and the use of next-generation feedstock, such as algae.

In November Primafuel was named a 2008 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF awards companies which have developed ground-breaking technologies in the categories Energy, Biotechnology, Health Care and IT.

The company, currently attending the UN Climate Change Conference, saw the worldwide interest in the conference and the upcoming World Economic Forum as an incentive to expand their PR activities. GlobalCom PR Network will coordinate the first steps of the European PR launch from their German offices in Munich and cooperate with the GlobalCom Network partners for future activities.

GlobalCom Team Munich

Seasonal Greetings from Munich

Greetings from those of us who could make it to the Christmas Season opening at the Witzigmann & Roncalli Bajazzo Munich.

You might know some of us already or might come across some of us at international accounts in 2008…

All the best from the Munich team