India in the PR Spotlight (Part 2)

PR in India is developing at a rapid pace, given the booming economy and a vibrant media landscape. Adapting to the Indian business culture and consumer behaviour is crucial, though, and there are new challenges every day resulting from the cultural differences within the country and its many languages. Read more

Q&A with Ben Munoz of Social Enterprise

We’ve done a lot of great interviews for PR Nonsense—from Red Mango to Chatfé to Boloco. Now up: Ben Munoz, founder of, a social enterprise dedicated to providing safe and supportive online patient communities for anyone affected by a rare disease. Read more

India in the PR Spotlight (part 1)

Our international PR series* will visit India today: in our latest interview with Xavier Prabhu, Founder and Chief Mentor of the Indian communication group Businesshubs, you will learn why PR is highly localized in India and why a lot of overseas companies fail here in their overall marketing and PR strategies. Additionally, you will read about the mobile revolution here and the increasing acceptance of the new communication channels in this market. Read more

Twitter’s Impressive 2010 Stats

TV is so Last Year

Not that we really needed any further confirmation that this Internet thing is a real game changer, but hey – statistics are fun!

But actually, this particular stat is quite intriguing. According to some new research from Forrester, Americans now spend as much time online as they do watching TV – about 13 hours/week for each. The research contrasts with some other recent stats on the viewing habits of Americans from Nielsen, which says Americans watch an average of about 5 hours of TV/day, which they say is „more than ever,“ but there is no denying from both surveys that while TV viewing continues to increase, the growth of time spent online is exploding in comparison.

 Read more

Global PR Perspectives – In Germany journalists are “brutally honest” and have a very low “marketing bullshit tolerance” (part 2)

In part 1 of the interview* with PR specialist Wibke Sonderkamp we learned about current trends and changes in the German media landscape and PR practices. Part 2 of the interview takes a look at cultural differences and local PR specifics companies should keep in mind for their PR initiatives in Germany. Read more

2011: Social Media and Budgets

Marketing departments across all sectors are gearing up for 2011.  This means brainstorming new ideas, strategizing marketing and communications initiatives and allocating the right resources to meet budgets.  However, many marketers are unsure where social media falls into this scheme.  It’s not that they don’t want ‘to do’ social media, but they have no idea how much to budget – or no good way to tabulate it.  In her recent AdAge article, How Much Will You Spend on Social-Media Marketing Next Year?Debra Aho Williamson principal analyst of eMarketer identifies three reasons why there may be confusion with budgeting for social mediaRead more

Global PR Perspectives – In Germany journalists are “brutally honest” and have a very low “marketing bullshit tolerance” (part 1)

Today our international PR series* is visiting Germany where PR consultant Wibke Sonderkamp is providing insight into current trends and developments in the German media landscape and PR practices before telling us about cultural gaps and clients who had to be re-animated with some excellent German beer after their first encounter with the shockingly outspoken German press in part 2 of the interview. Read more

Was Cyber Monday 2010 A Success?

Last year, I wrote about the security risks that come along with shopping online on Cyber Monday, but that didn’t seem to stop people from adding items to their shopping cart in 2010.

Early estimates indicate overall sales gains of about 20% from last year– consumers also ended up doing a lot of online shopping on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday. According to comScore Inc., for those two days combined, online shoppers spent about $1.1 billion– up more than 15% from $913 million in 2009. Read more

Global PR Perspectives – PR in the No. 1 Internet nation worldwide! (part 2)

PR in China is still quite a young discipline and a major challenge at the same time, especially for foreign companies. One of their first lessons learned might be crisis communication, but at the same time the vibrant media scene offers lots of opportunities to present your company and products – given you have the right budget. Read more