Global PR Perspective – Efficient ultilization of online channels to reach Finnish media and readers (part 1)

Finland is the country where Angry Birds, Linux, sms-messages and Nokia were born. It is a country of woods, 1500 km of Russian border, over 100 000 lakes and 5.3 million people living on an area which is close to the size of France. Read today, if and how these facts influence the way PR is done up here.

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Are the leaders of the future female?

Our latest comment for the well known German PR magazine PR Report was provided by Gergana Vassileva from GlobalCom’s Bulgarian partner United Partners in Sofia. The article was published in the recent issue of the magazine (see image) but we wanted to share the English language basis for the German article with you:
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How Good Are You At Social Media?

Well, if you’re working in advertising, the answer may be quite different than if you’re working in PR. According to a joint study by the Worldcom Public Relations Group and the Transworld Advertising Agency Network, public relations is taking the lead in social media, even according to ad execs themselves!

When evaluating work in the social media arena, 20% of PR respondents said their profession was “innovative” and 64% said the profession was “keeping pace.” By contrast, only 12% of advertising pros said their profession was “innovative” and 40% said it was “keeping pace.” And, while an astonishing 40% of advertisers said that their own industry is “falling behind” on the social media scene, 67% of advertising respondents praised PR professionals as either “innovative” or “keeping pace” with social media. Read more

Global PR Perspective – Creativity and flexibility are key to successful PR in Spain (part 2)

Last week Josep M. Iglesias talked about current trends and explained why creativity is an important part of Spanish PR – today he will give us an insight into general local differences of Spanish PR practices.

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Social Media Influence in Japanese Relief

As relief efforts are underway in Japan, social media is stepping up its role to provide ways for the international community to provide support. In this time of crisis, social media has truly proven its influence in connecting the world, creating important dialogue, and generating quick ways to donate. Read more

Global PR Perspective – Creativity and flexibility are key to successful PR in Spain (part 1)

Spanish people are considered to be very communicative anyway, in the design oriented Spanish cities such as Barcelona creativity and flexibility can be a huge success factor for PR and communication activities. PR expert Josep M. Iglesias shares some insights into PR practices with a Spanish flavour.* Read more

Happy St. Patrick’s day – did you know …

… the St. Patrick’s day parade in Munich is the second largest one outside of Ireland – only the one in New York City is bigger !

Although I’d give extra points to Chicago for colouring their river green every year.

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Facebook’s Latest Move Toward World Domination

Global PR Perspective – Thinking outside the box in Vietnamese PR (part 2)

After giving us an insight into current trends today the Vero PR team reports on general local differences in PR and practices in Vietnam – communication with a South East Asian flavour.


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Square Revolutionizes Payments

This past weekend, while getting my monthly massage at John Davis Therapeutic Massage on Boylston Street, I was completely relaxed and definitely not thinking about work or technology in the slightest. That was, until it came time to pay…

As I pulled out my credit card, John simply pulled out his iPad. No credit card machine, no cash register, just an iPad. Attached to the top was a small, white cube that turned out to be a credit card reader.

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