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Today’s the day: the wedding of the decade – at least !
Of course an event like this couldn’t be ignored by marketing and advertising creatives who took the opportunity and put a smile on our faces with spots like this one:

What was your favourite?

Global PR Perspectives – The Czech Republic becomes more and more attractive for international PR and as a gateway to the East (Part 1)

The demand for professional PR support by local PR experts in the Czech Republic is growing as Eastern Europe becomes an increasingly attractive market for international companies. Learn morte about current communication trends in today’s interview with PR expert Martin Frydl.

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Sweeten Up your Tweetin’

Global PR Perspectives – In Latvia it is essential to keep in mind the local situation and perceptions (part 2)

In part 1 of the interview our PR expert Vita Savicka talked about current trends and influences on PR practices in Latvia. Part 2 deals with general regional differences and special requirements for PR in the Baltic state.

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Do We Need Another #Twitter?

Global PR Perspectives – In Latvia it is essential to keep in mind the local situation and perceptions (part 1)

In our interview PR expert Vita Savicka explains how the financial crisis influenced PR practices in Latvia, she talks about the evolution of the local media landscape and general local differences in PR practices. Read more

The Pros & Cons of Social Media Tools: Tumblr

There are so many social media tools out there, it’s hard to know what is what, and what is for what. For me Tumblr is one of those tools. I’ve heard it in passing a lot, but never really used it myself. That’s why Brenna Ehrlich’s article in Mashable, The Pros and Cons Of Tumblr For Small Business, caught my eye. Read more

Global PR Perspective – Efficient ultilization of online channels to reach Finnish media and readers (part 2)

In part 1 of out Finland interview Jukka Laikari explained why Finnish editors are practically rooted at their desks these days and how creative PR agencies can work with and profit from this situation and other current trends. Today we learn more about the Finnish media landscape and some general practices companies should adopt for successful PR in Finland. Read more

Future of PR

The future of PR is an often debated topic. Most debated is whether there’s a future at all, how all agencies are doomed to ultimate failure, how PR pros just aren’t able to adapt to the changing landscape, etcetera etcetera.

Usually these posts or pieces are written by someone with a vested interest of course, whether trying to sell the next big stunning insight via a marketing book or blog post, or alternatively sitting on the opposite side of the fence to the one that is doomed. Read more

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