Global PR Perspectives – High Fashion in PR in Malaysia, part 2

Last week PR expert Alice Yong talked about the most important changes in the PR in Malaysia. Learn today in part 2 of the interview how important it is in a multi-racial country to be extra sensitive to the different local customs.

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Are Your Emails Being Deleted?

There’s no doubt that email has become the core of business communication. In the PR industry, where we often get upwards of 200 emails a day, I couldn’t even imagine having to physically mail out press releases, sort incoming snail mail, or pick up the phone for every minute query. Email has no doubt made the lives of PR and other industry professionals infinitely simpler and faster. But, without the presence of a physical piece of mail and with the ease of the delete button, how can you ensure your emails get opened and read? Read more

Global PR Perspectives – High Fashion in PR in Malaysia, part 1

This week Alice Yong from Malaysia is talking about the latest trends and changes in PR in her region. Read in part 1 of the interview how traditional media is combined with social media and what PR for the Malaysia Fasion Week can look like.

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Tweet Your Way to a College Scholarship

These days, nothing really surprises me when it comes to the use of social media. Many people leverage social networks, such as Twitter to find jobs and roommates, so why not use it to submit your college essay? I recently came across an article on Ragan’s PR Daily that explains how the University of Iowa is taking social media to the next level with a new contest for a full scholarship to the university’s business school. Read more

Global PR Perspectives – Belgium: Sweet Diversity in Communications (part 2)

In the first part of the interview with PR expert Wilma Schippers we talked about the use of social media in Belgian PR. In the second part we will discuss the basic regional differences and special requirements on PR in Belgium.

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Facebook on Video

Soon after Google’s entrance into social media with Google+, Facebook has announced a new video chat feature that allows people to set up video chatting in just a couple clicks, and then video chat any friend through a Skype plug-in. Just 24 hours later, Facebook video chat is already being compared to Google’s video chat and new hangout feature, with mixed reviews about which is better, more functional, and easier to use.

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Global PR Perspectives – Belgium: Sweet Diversity in Communications (part 1)

Read in today’s series of Global PR Perspectives how Social Media is being used in Belgium* and how being creative even helps to elicit editors out of their offices. We talked to Wilma Schippers, consultant of the agency PR-Consult in Brussels. Read more

Page One – More on the Future of Journalism

There was an interesting piece earlier this week on NPR about Page One, a new documentary chronicling a year inside the New York Times and the changing face of investigative journalism.

Filmmaker Andrew Rossi spent most of 2009 shadowing journalists inside the Times, capturing their pursuit of quality journalism as they faced dwindling resources and the rise of social media.

The documentary captures the ongoing battle between the old media and the new, and raises some interesting thoughts and statistics. Read more

The economic “green island” takes the lead

Lukasz Wilczynski, PR Director of PLANET PR agency and Poland’s partner of the international GlobalCom PR Network, wrote a comment that has been published in the current issue of the German PR Report magazine. So, here we would like to share the English version of the article with you: Read more