Barcelona, Lisbon and next year Paris – Does Measurement Travel?

I read PR Daily’s piece by David Rockland entitled PR Measurement beyond the Barcelona Principles and it quite rightly stated that AVE will not be missed.  AVE, for those new to PR, stands for advertising value equivalent and is the practice of placing a value on PR as the cost of purchasing the same in advertising space.  This was a common practice in the PR industry many years ago but with most progressive agencies and in house PR teams, it hasn’t even been mentioned or discussed for years.  I would guarantee that over half of our agency has never heard of AVE. Read more

eReader versus Book

It’s nearly time for IFA again and gadget fans enjoy the variety of product news. Receiving a test product caused a discussion around the topic eReaders versus books during our lunch break. We summarized the exchanged arguments for you: Read more

Changes in Social Media Behavior Present Opportunities for Fresh Content

Has social media lost its kick? Apparently so, according to an eMarketer  article indicating that among 16 to 24 year-olds in the US, social network usage growth has slowed to a crawl while the majority of users on sites like Twitter are primarily focused on disseminating content such as linking to videos and news stories (click here for the report findings). But there is a silver lining – while growth appears to be slowing, original content is in high demand. As noted in the report, consumers are hungry for knowledge from brands, presenting the ideal opportunity for brands to get their message heard. Read more

Smart Grid – hype topic or information gap?

When you deal with a topic on a daily basis it is sometimes hard to estimate how informed a larger audience is about it. Is it (still) a topic for experts, is the general public interested at all, what do people think about it and do they feel well informed?
Dealing with the topic smart grid in our daily PR and media activities in the cleantech market we wanted to find out about the knowledge and thoughts of a larger audience. We did a survey with more than 1.000 participant on the topic smart grid via our CleanEnergy ProjectRead more

How Should Social Media Be Regulated?

Is social media the culprit behind the Arab Spring, U.K. riots, and Philadelphia’s „flash mob“ attacks?

Officials want social media behind bars for inciting violence, saying people are using mobile devices to post to Twitter and Facebook–quickly organizing criminal activity. Read more

An evolution in communications and media landscape interacts with the political changes in Slovenia

The latest comment for the German PR magazin PR Report was provided by Maja Rečnik from GlobalCom’s Slovenian partner SPEM Communication Group. The article was published in the August issue of the magazin (see image). Here’s the English version of her comment:

Slovenia is in the cramp. The mistrust in the government has never been so high, more than 80 percent of people are unsatisfied with the government. Slovenia got a plus three for the first 20 years.

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AirBnB Fixes PR Problem

AirBnB has been one of my favorite new sites for more than a year now.  It’s an online service that matches people with short-term vacation rentals that are typically people’s private homes or guest rooms. There’s obviously a huge leap-of-faith that folks on both sides of this service take. And for the vast majority of users, the site works just like it promises. But mixing private residences and strangers is a ticking time bomb (just like it was for Craigslist) and, sure enough, a few weeks ago trouble eruptedRead more

Around the World of PR in 40 Weeks

Our first international PR Series has come to an end. Within our series “Global PR Perspectives”, we ‘visited’ one of our 50 GlobalCom PR Network partner agencies each thursday to ask our colleagues all over the world about current trends and changes but also about regional differences in their PR practices in general.

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The World’s 50 Greenest Brands

If you had to guess the world’s 50 greenest brands, which would you pick?

I’d probably put GE and Starbucks in the top five or 10. GE’s ecomagination initiative has been around for years, and Starbucks’ environmental stewardship is a core pillar of its public image. After doing a quick poll of agency co-workers, there was a similar sentiment with GE, Starbucks and Toyota topping the list.

Were we correct? Read more