Travel 3.0

A bit too late as the holiday season is mostly over in Germany I found an interesting article on some helpful little program making travel a lot easier to organize by NY Times’ technology columnist, David Pogue on Pogue’s Posts.

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Is Tech Investment the Answer to Euro Economic Woe?

Is Tech Investment the Answer to Euro Economic Woe? …According to a study sponsored by AT&T and featured in the FT today, it most certainly is.

The study suggests that if Europe was to follow the US model of investment in technology and telecommunications, it would dramatically improve productivity with the potential to increase collective GDP by an extra 5 per cent above forecasts by 2020.

Apparently, from a position of near parity in 1991, Europe’s investment in ICT has dropped to around two-thirds of the level in the US and is reflected in the fact that the US’s productivity growth has averaged double that of Europe’s since 2000.  Read more

I like!

I must admit, I’m a Facebook-Junkie too and I use it almost daily.

Today the social network has about 711 million users worldwide, 20.2 million in Germany alone. Facebook was founded in 2004 although became really popular in Europe in 2008 after it was offered in German, French and Spanish, too.

At Facebook you can not only share information and photos with your contacts, you can also express your interests in special topics by “liking” fan pages or by joining groups. The group currently most popular is CocaCola with 31,6 million fans, closely followed by Disney and MTV.

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New Social Media Stats – Who is Most Likely to Network?

Nielsen just recently released its Social Media Q3 Report and, unsurprisingly, social media is on the rise. Anyone who is remotely connected to the outside world could have guessed that social media is infiltrating almost every aspect of how we live. Whether it’s brands asking consumers to “like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, or live events like political debates or sporting games flashing a hashtag for people to join a live discussion of the event, social media is seemingly everywhere! And, while the Nielsen report may simply confirm what we already know, some of the stats they’ve uncovered are still mind-boggling enough to make your jaw drop. Read more

Apps – must-haves and useless stuff

The app. This expression is actually an abbreviation of the word application. Applications such as calendars and calculators had already been on the first mobile phones but with the invention of the iPhone a whole world with small varied apps seemed to arise. Meanwhile, the number of different apps for multiple operating systems on different output devices such as smartphones or tablet computers has become unmanageable, but you will always find new little gadgets that are more or less useful or that make everyday life easier.
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Social Media Dos and Don’ts

The Boston Globe recently published a slideshow series on social media etiquette, listing helpful tips, dos, and don’ts of social networking sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. As social media continues to evolve, many are still learning as they go and will likely get their wrists slapped along the way. To help prevent any blunders though, reading through some of these highlights may be a good place to start! Read more

IFA 2011: Tablet PCs, Ultrabooks and 3D everywhere

This year, the IFA took place in the German capital Berlin from 2nd to 7th September 2011, and there was not only a record in the number of guests, but there were also many bizarre but nevertheless useful gadgets to explore.
238 000 visitors attended the huge trade show with 140,200 square meters and 1,441 exhibitors.

This year, the technical focus was on Tablet PCs, Ultrabooks and 3D-Smart-TV as well as on all kinds of gadgets like housekeeping robots or video Post-its for the refrigerator.

The leading innovation, however, is and will remain three-dimensional technology, which was presented in all its facets: displays, pocket camcorders with double lenses to take both videos and photos in 3D and laptop computers with three-dimensional displays. And the best thing is: There is no need of 3D-glasses anymore! At this point though, we may ask ourselves if those three-dimensional displays supplement or replace the classic, “normal” displays.

And this gadget is simply grandiose: The loudspeaker by Gear4 in the style of the famous birds from the gaming app Angry Birds. This will put a smile on the face of every Angry Bird fan and everyone who is secretly addicted to this game. Whether we use it as an iPod docking-station or as a plug-and-play-loudspeaker – we would love to let those adorable creatures play our music.

The “Brain Wave mind control” by Haier whereas, could be rather called bizarre or very futuristic. “Brain Wave mind control” enables humans by means of a headset to switch channels or control volume with the mere thought of it.
Of course remote.

“Yo, When Does the New App Drop?” Why Apps Need A Taste of the Music Scene

Ok, crazy idea time: I just picked up my phone and found that there were updates for about ten of my applications, some of which I know were updated just days ago, or at most, maybe a couple weeks ago. I find this somewhat annoying.

Firstly, though not really of concern for me as I am still grandfathered in to Verizon’s unlimited data plans, is that updates take bandwidth. If you have to contend with multiple updates that come one after another for each of your apps, many only to fix one small thing that should have been grouped in with others, and you’re not using an unlimited data plan, these app updates are wasting your bandwidth allotment, and potentially costing you money if they result in overages. Read more

How to curb the Russian Market

The latest comment for the German PR magazine PR Report was provided by Vera Likhosherstova from GlobalCom Russia. The article was published in the September issue of the magazine  (see image). Here’s the English version of Vera’s comment:

You will not grasp her with your mind
Or cover with a common label,
For Russia is one of a kind –
Believe in her, if you are able…

(Fedor Tyutchev, translated by Anatoly Liberman) Read more