GlobalCom’s market barometer: Japan

Which industry is booming in Japan at the moment and which companies are currently investing into PR? For our new series on market trends around the world this week the GCPR-Blog team talked to Mervin Chin, Account Coordinator of Kyodo Public Relations, Globalcom’s partner agency in Japan. *

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IaaS Providers – Hold your Fluff

There’s no shortage of evidence to prove that cloud computing is on an upward spiral: Apple’s recent launch of its iCloud could very well turn out to be yet another industry-changing iProduct; EMC CEO Joe Tucci has attributed the company’s recent 28% third-quarter net income growth to strong worldwide demand for its cloud computing and data storage products and services; and despite security concerns, NSA Director and U.S. Cyber Command Commander Gen. Keith Alexander said Thursday this week that cloud computing will in fact make the intelligence community more secure and efficient. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Malta

Last week we started our new PR Series asking our partners around the world which industry is booming in their region at the moment and which companies are currently investing into PR. This week the GCPR-Blog team talked to Stephen P. D’Alessandro, Managing Director of CREDAL Business Consulting, partner of the international GlobalCom PR Network.*


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Dr. Pepper’s PR Disaster

A recent Dr. Pepper ad campaign has caused quite a stir among female customers. The commercial advertises Dr. Pepper’s new diet soda, but aims to squash the mentality that diet soda is only for women. The commercial’s attempt at humor instructs females to go back to watching their romantic comedies and drinking „lady drinks“ while men tend to their action movies and Dr. Pepper sodas. Yikes, Dr. Pepper. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer

Besides quality in our “craftsmanship”, successful PR work is based on the market knowledge of the consultants and agencies, who should always keep eyes and ears on the pulse of the market. Reason enough to ask our partners around the world which industry is booming in their region at the moment and which companies are currently investing into PR.

The GCPR-Blog team talked to John Kim, CEO of Grape PR in Korea and Korean partner of the international GlobalCom PR Network Read more

The Internet in One Minute

The digital world often feels like it’s spiraling out of control with new content being generated every second and new platforms for disseminating that content cropping up left and right. We all know the world moves fast, but have you ever wondered just how much happens online in one minute? This infographic summarizes some amazing facts and figures, which you might as well double, since that will probably be more accurate by the time you’ve finished reading this!

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The #hashtag of the Miracle

The latest comment for the German PR magazine PR Report was provided by Ana Laura Espósito from Espósito Marketing, GlobalCom PR-Network partner in Argentina. The article was published in the October issue of the magazine (see image). Here’s the English version of Ana Laura’s comment:

In Argentina, 2011 is a year with elections and political-economic definitions. It was voted mayor, congressmen and senators. Finally and most importantly, in October 23th will be elected President of the Nation.

Prior to this, the change in electoral law: from now on all politicians must undergo primary elections, open and mandatory in order to present their candidates for president. But there is one thing: those who fail to at least 400,000 votes in these elections, would not likely be submitted in October. Read more

Case Studies – Premium Content in Today’s Content Age

In today’s “content-age,” the creation of data is as simple as hitting “submit” on a blog entry or uploading a video to YouTube – anyone can do it, and practically everyone is doing it, causing content growth to increase at astonishing rates. In fact, just last year, there was enough digital data created to fill a stack of DVDs that would stretch all the way to the moon and back! In light of this, companies are realizing the importance of creating increasingly strong and engaging content that will rise above the waffle and hopefully have some kind of tangible impact. But what kind of content are companies finding most impactful? Read more