Yes, Details Do Matter – a Lesson From Steve Jobs

It’s been nearly two months since Steve Jobs died. While many of the stories that emerged following his death were memorable and enlightening, there’s one simple story that really stuck with me. It was posted on Vic Gundotra’s public feed on Google + before Steve’s death, but I only saw it after. The post, called “Icon Ambulance” sheds light on the kind of thinking that breeds, not just success, but that staggering, astonishing, mind-blowing, life-changing, Steve Jobs level of success. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Thailand

Read in today’s series of GlobalCom’s maket barometer why entrepreneurs in Thailand should invest in solar energy. We talked to Brian Griffin of GlobalCom partner VERO Public Relations about recent trends in his market.*

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Give Thanks for eCommerce This Holiday Season

While thousands of Americans will stand in lines for hours to save on a new TV at Best Buy or a new dryer at Sears next week on Black Friday, I can’t say I’ll be amongst them. I value my sleep too much and I’ll be in the same boat as millions of other Americans that will do their holiday shopping online. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Argentina

This week, the GCPR-Blog team talked to Luciana Bugni, Associated Director of Espósito Marketing in Buenos Aires, partner of the international GlobalCom PR Network.*

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Mr. Clean’s Mustache Mania

Meet the face of new marketing, equipped with a mustache.

Through November, the legendary Mr. Clean mascot for Mr. Clean cleaning products will be growing a ’stache in proportion to the amount of new likes he gets on his Facebook fan page. Obviously, Mr. Clean doesn’t actually exist, and neither will his mustache, so the folks at Proctor & Gamble who manage the brand will be the ones updating the page with a new avatar every time a new threshold is reached on the mysteriously titled “Mustache-o-Meter,” also located on the Facebook fan page. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Malaysia

This week the GCPR-Blog team talked to Alice Yong, Director of WYSE Communications Sdn Bhd, a Kuala Lumpur-based PR consultancy and partner of the international GlobalCom PR Network.*

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Social Media ROI – Measuring the Intangible

One of the primary struggles in the PR industry is measuring results and companies’ return on investment (ROI). Core goals in PR, including raising awareness and maximizing exposure, produce more intangible results than other disciplines. So, oftentimes, it’s hard to make a direct link to a client’s sales or increasing revenue. The same goes for social media – how can you measure the impact of a tweet or maintaining an updated Facebook profile? Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Germany

In this week’s issue of the market barometer series the GCPR-Blog team talked to Ralf Hartmann, Co-Founder of the international GlobalCom PR Network and Managing Director of the German GlobalCom PR-Network GmbH.*

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PR-edicting the Future?

Not so much a typo in that headline, more a question about the potential role for PR agencies in the battle to make sense of the ever swelling limitless vat of data that now exists in various digital forms.

GigaOm’s Matthew Ingram asked last week – ‚Can watching Twitter trends help to predict the future?‚. His piece talked about Twitter trending topics‘ (which much like Google Trends, is a bit of an underwhelming experience) failure to predict certain recent social movements – like Occupy Wall Street for example. Read more