Social Media: Where Do You Turn for News?

It’s obvious that social media has become a pervasive way to gather news and information on trending topics, current events and interesting subject matter, but has it become the top source people turn to, or is it merely a supplement for more traditional news sources? Recently, TEKGROUP issued their 2011 Social Media News Survey report, which helps answer that very question. Read more

Fight against corruption and demand for more transparency

The latest comment for the well-known German PR magazin PR Report was provided by Jai Xavier Prabhu from GlobalCom’s partner PRHUB in India. The article was published in the October issue of the magazin (see image). Here’s the English version of his comment:

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Social Media 101 with Professor Ochocinco

Last Monday, New England Patriots wide receiver and reality television star Chad Ochocinco took an entire Emerson College social media class out to dinner in Boston. The venue was Inman Square’s All-Star Sandwich Bar, and the discussion was anything and everything related to social media and product branding. One question that might immediately come to mind is: “What on earth does a football player know about social media marketing, and product branding?” My answer is that, in this area of marketing studies, he is more than worthy of the title “Professor Ochocinco.” Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Finland

The GCPR-Blog team talked to Jukka Laikari co-founder of the IFPR Finland, the member of GlobalCom in Finland.

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QR Codes: A Successful Marketing Tactic? mobile tech writer Amy Gahran suggests that QR codes are an underwhelming marketing tactic in large part due to people not knowing what the heck they are and what to do with them. Industry research conducted by ArchRival and many others has indicated that just a minority of consumers are even aware of QR codes, and those that have used them want something more simple, quick and convenient for engaging with brands.

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International PR Meeting in Bangalore

The partners of the international GlobalCom PR Network will hold their annual meeting in Bangalore on February 8-10 in 2012.

GlobalCom is a network of PR agencies with more than 50 partners reaching more than 60 countries world-wide. Asia’s growing importance for the global economy was the main reason for holding GlobalCom’s next general meeting in Bangalore, India.

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GlobalCom’s market barometer: Portugal

This week we talked to Ricardo Durand, Account Manager at Executive Decisions Communication (EDC) about the latest market trends in Portugal.*

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PR – Growth Amidst Lingering Financial Turmoil

The 2008 U.S. financial crisis still feels fresh for many industries trying to rebound, but PR is one segment that has seemingly put the latest economic downturn in the past. New data from Sageworks shows that the past two years have recorded strong growth for communications companies, including public relations firms, advertising agencies and media buyers.

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GlobalCom’s market barometer: Vietnam

Today the VERO Public Relations team reports on the latest market trends in Vietnam.*

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