McDonald’s Hashtag Horror Story

Last week, Erica wrote about how a Facebook promotion landed Timothy’s Coffee in hot water. Now, McDonald’s is suffering a similar fate after losing control over a recent #McDStories hashtag campaign. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Poland

The GCPR-Blog team talked to Łukasz Wilczyński, PR Director of Planet PR, this week. Planet PR is a partner in the international GlobalCom PR Network in Poland.*

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Is Creativity In Your DNA?

Most of us stop believing we’re creative around fourth grade. This is according to David Kelley, founder of design firm IDEO, who is quoted in a Wall Street Journal article on innovation.  It seems like a cruel way to herald the end of childhood–once we stop believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, the next thing on the list is creativity?  Luckily creativity isn’t a mythical character; it’s a way of thinking that can be learned. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Slovenia

For our interview series, the GCPR-Blog team talked to Maja Rečnik from GlobalCom’s Slovenian partner SPEM Communication Group about the latest trends in the Slovenian market.*

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PR Crisis Management: Make Sure You Have a Plan

As stated in a previous March Communications‘ blog post, PR specialists tend to be quite talented when it comes to multi-tasking. This serves as a key attribute when a sudden PR crisis arises, and you have to handle it immediately, on top of all your other job responsibilities. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Denmark

This week we talked to Mikael Baden, Communications Advisor at Jøp, Ove & Myrthu about the latest market trends in Denmark*.

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Public Relations – Balancing Stress with Success

Like many things in life, maintaining a career as a PR executive is a balancing act. Learning how to cope with the fast-paced atmosphere and tight deadlines while saving time to revel in  the success of a campaign is something we all strive to achieve. PR professionals are notorious multitaskers; and while juggling multiple clients, deadlines and launches simultaneously may seem to be just another part of the job, there’s no denying that it can get extremely stressful at times. At the end of the day though, it’s all worth it! Read more

Sweden at a glance – Communication in a political context

Jan von Baumgarten-Ståhlberg from GlobalCom’s partner Comvision in Stockholm provided the latest comment for PR Report magazine. The article was published in the surrent issue of the magazin (see image). Here’s the English original version of his comment:

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PR Trends to Watch in 2012

With 2011 coming to a close, lots of PR/Marketing industry experts have reflected on the year behind us and made some wise predictions for the year ahead. It’s important for us as industry professionals to stay on top of trends so we’re armed with the best and most current information for our clients. Additionally, as the media landscape evolves, it’s important that we evolve with it so that we can offer our clients the best counsel and strategy to deliver the best results.  Below are a few things for PR professionals to keep in mind when planning for clients in 2012. Read more