The Intersection of Social Media and TV

If you find yourself tweeting during your favorite TV program, you’re not alone. Social media has brought with it a revolution in the way we watch TV and provides a new feedback vehicle to those behind the scenes of our favorite shows. This type of social-viewing is something that’s happening more and more as people look to interact with other fans and share their favorite jokes, memorable moments and even their gripes.

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GlobalCom’s market barometer: Bulgaria

For our interview series, the GCPR-Blog team talked to Gergana Vassileva from GlobalCom’s Bulgarian partner United Partners about the latest trends in the Bulgarian market.*

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The New Entertainment Industry Cometh?

GigaOm broke the news on Friday that Amazon is seeking executives to help make its original programming plans a reality. Since last year, Amazon Studios has been awarding script writers and independent filmmakers for contributing content, and now it seems the online mega-retailer is gearing up to move to the distribution phase and compete with the likes of Netflix and YouTube on in-house digital entertainment. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Spain

This week we talked to Josep M. Iglesias Managing Partner of the Barcelona-based agency IT COMUNICACION – GlobalCom PR Network Partner Spain about the latest market trends in his country.*

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Online Newsrooms – Maximizing Media Opportunities

In PR, some of the most strategic campaigns are launched around news or product announcements. But, these involve a lot more than just issuing a press release. It often takes months of preparation to establish relationships with members of the media community and get them interested in your client’s business and solutions. This ensures that when the big announcement comes along, they already have some familiarity with the company and interest in its future developments or direction. Read more

More than yummy curries at the annual GlobalCom PR Network Meeting

Members of the GlobalCom PR Network from around the world are meeting in Bangalore, India this week to exchange PR experiences and learn about different markets and potentials.

On the first day the participants gained valuable insights into the home markets of several new member agencies such as the different markets in South America covered by our partner agency Lead image or by our partner fekra on the diverse media landscape throughout the United Arab Emirates. Our partner Planet PR shared insight on the market situation an PR practices in Poland and Grape PR on the PR specifics in Korea.  Read more

When is the Best Time to Tweet?

In an infographic, Dan Zarrella recently showed that „contra-competitive timing“, or publishing new content when there is less noise to compete with, can help your messages gain greater visibility. On Twitter, for instance, he found that tweets published on the weekends and during the afternoons had higher click-through rates than those that went live during the week or in the morning, respectively. But like Dan said, „This isn’t to say that you should only publish [at the least popular times], but that you should experiment with off-peak posting and see how it works for your brand.“ Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: United Arab Emirates

For our interview series, the GCPR-Blog team talked to Mohammed El Batta, Managing Director at Fekra Communications – FZ LLC, a partner of GlobalCom PR-Network in Dubai about the latest market-trends in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).*

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