GlobalCom’s market barometer: Egypt

For our interview series, the GCPR-Blog team talked to MEAComS, partner of GlobalCom PR Network in Egypt, about the latest market trends.*

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Leveraging Current Events for PR Pitching Opps

Pitching the press is a key part of PR, but what if your client doesn’t have any news announcements or product releases? This is a dilemma that many in the PR industry face, but, luckily, there are creative ways around this issue. For instance, capitalizing on current events and relating them to your clients’ expertise, products or services is a great way to engage the media and keep up a steady stream of news and thought leadership. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Great Britain

For our interview series, the GCPR Blog team talked to Richard Fogg, Managing Director of CCgroup, partner of GlobalCom PR Network in the UK, about the latest market trends.

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The Global Effects of Social Media

This week, social media proved to be once again, a powerful tool that can generate awareness and inspire action overnight, even on a global level.

A video posted on Monday from advocacy group, Invisible Children now has more than 55 million YouTube views and has inspired an international movement to bring justice to the people of Uganda. The video profiles war criminal Joseph Kony and the injustices he is charged with in Uganda, including child abduction and abuse. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Mexico

For our interview series, the GCPR Blog team talked to Adriana De Vizcaya of Lead Image, partner of GlobalCom PR Network in Mexico, about the latest market-trends in their region.*

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The Risks & Rewards of Social Media for PR

With the advent of Cloud computing, the public relations industry has found ways to adapt and creatively leverage new forms of communication and Cloud-based services – namely, social media and networking tools. But what’s the best way to use these Cloud-based tools for your company’s PR campaigns? How do you weigh the risks with the rewards? Recently, my article, Social Media PR, a Balancing Act, was featured in the premiere issue of Cloud Magazine, a professional cloud computing resource for small and medium business leaders, discussing this very topic. Check it out… Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: India

This week our Blog team talked to Xavier Prabhu, the Founder and Chief Mentor of Businesshubs and PRHUB, partner of GlobalCom Pr Network in India.*

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The Hunger Games‘ Social Media Phenomenon

It’s accurate to say that there are a few of us in the office that are obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy, myself being one of them. In fact, we’ve pre-ordered tickets to the movie and have each watched the trailer at least five times. For obsessed fans like us, the upcoming movie’s engaging social media campaign is a dream come true. Read more

GlobalCom’s market barometer: Latvia and the Baltic region

For our interview series, the GCPR-Blog team talked to Antra Savlevica, Project, Director at GlobalCom PR Network member agency Baltic Communication Partners, about the latest trends in the Latvian and Baltic markets.*

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