Latvia: Tops and Flops in international PR

Within our current PR blog series, we talk to the PR-experts of our partner agencies about the “Tops and Flops” of their daily PR work in their market. Today’s contribution comes from Vita Savicka, Director of our partner agency in Latvia, Baltics Communication Partners (

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What Blog Topics Get the Most Traffic?

This blog post was first published by Meredith L. Eaton on March Communications blog, PR Nonsense.

Maintaining a blog is a great social media tool to showcase thought leadership and involvement in your industry, but one of the main purposes of a blog is also to attract visitors to your website. To keep a high readership, it’s important to produce content that’s relevant, newsworthy, and… here’s the key… timelyRead more

Argentina: Tops and Flops in international PR

Today is the start of our new series on “Tops and Flops” in international PR. We’ve asked some of our approximately 70 partner agencies around the world which issues and subjects arise most interest in their regions, how important industry knowledge is to their work, and what role local PR plays compared to transnational PR. Luciana Bugni of Espósito Marketing, a GlobalCom PR Network partner agency in Argentina, provided us with some insights regarding their local PR tops and flops.  Read more

Smartphones and Tablets and PCs, Oh My!

This post was first published by Erica Frank on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Are you a multiscreen content consumer? In other words, are you guilty of watching TV while playing on your tablet and texting on your smartphone? If that scenario sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, according to recent eMarketer research, 77 percent of all TV interactions among U.S. connected device users (consumers owning a smartphone, PC and TV), occurred alongside another device. Read more

Using Twitter for Customer Service

This post was first published by Meredith L. Eaton on March Communications‘ blog, PR Nonsense.

While we know Twitter can be a great platform for marketing and PR, allowing for the near-instantaneous, mass distribution of news, content and press, what about using Twitter for customer service? Many companies may shy away from such a public forum for interacting with disgruntled consumers, but Twitter has become the primary soap box for many to voice not only outrage, but also satisfaction with both products and services alike. Read more

What type of reader are you?

For the first time last summer we looked at the topic of e-Reading, and shared our agency’s discussion “eReader versus Book” on the blog with you.  Read more

Big Data, Big PR?

This post was first published by Doug Flora on March Communications‘ blog, PR Nonsense, and may be viewed here.

It’s official: Big Data is now a mainstream business buzzword, not just tech insider terminology. Steve Lohr recently cited Big Data’s appearance as a  featured topic at the World Economic Forum, its prominence in the New York Times’ headlines and even as the butt of a joke in a Dilbert comic strip, all as evidence that the (sometimes vague) term is catching on in the popular mindset. Read more