A Transparent World

Maddie Gower of GlobalCom PR Network’s UK partner Escapade shares her thoughts on the increasingly transparent world we live in. Whether you like it or loathe it, it’s here to stay and PR consultants have a vital role to play in helping clients navigate and adapt to this new open world.

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How B2B Tech Companies Can Generate Leads with LinkedIn

This post was first published by Beth Brenner on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

We often consult with clients on how to leverage social media to support lead generation. For B2B tech companies especially, we believe that one of the strongest channels at the moment is LinkedIn. Last year, HubSpot found that LinkedIn generated 3x as many leads as Facebook and Twitter. It offers more of a focus on professional networking and real opportunities for businesses to showcase themselves as industry thought leaders.

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CCGroup shortlisted for 2Degrees Sustainability Champions Award

At the start of this week 2Degrees, the world’s leading community for sustainable business, announced the shortlist for its 2013 Sustainability Champions Awards. So why are we so excited about this? Well, it’s because we’ve been nominated for the ‘Best External Communications Campaign’ category. The nomination was down to the research that we completed late in 2012 investigating how the UK national media treats renewables.

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A Broader Perspective to Board Responsibility

This week GlobalCom PR Network Partner Stephen P. D’Alessandro from CREDAL Business Consulting introduces traditional and modern perspectives on the concepts of corporate governance and board responsibility.

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Why PR and Content Marketing Are the Same Thing

This post was first published by Blaise Lucey on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Press releases are the bread-and-butter of any company hoping to make a splash. They help showcase your latest product or service or show some cutting-edge research into the industry. More importantly, of course, journalists and analysts will cover the announcement. A good release can grow your brand awareness by getting your company’s name out there.

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Getting Through a Crisis

In our PR practices series today Mirette A. Shoeir of GlobalCom PR Network’s partner agency MEAComS in Egypt reports on crisis communications.

It seems that two years following the 25th January revolution most PR work in Egypt has shifted towards contingency planning and crisis management. According to the Institute of PR, a crisis is “a significant threat to operations that can have negative consequences if not handled properly”. We should add that the even bigger damage is probably the tarnishing of an organization´s reputation; this can be so severe as to jeopardize its very existence.

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Elmore Leonard: If it Sounds Like Writing, Rewrite it

This post was first published by Brendan Reilly of March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Storytelling is truly an art. Everything from music lyrics to poetry to novels should draw the audience in and give them something to care about. People often forget that writing, in all its forms, is meant to tell a story – one that provides people with a reason to continue reading and to be invested in what you have to say.

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Saudi Arabia – Corporate Social Responsibility

Today our new series features Wael Sabri of Global Arabia, Saudi Arabia who will give us some thoughts about the importance of CSR in Saudi Arabia.

Corporate social responsibility – What does it mean?

CSR is described as “a balanced approach for organizations to address economic, social and environmental issues in a way that aims to benefit people, community and society”.

CSR includes consideration of such issues as: Human rights, Workplace and employee issues, including occupational health and safety, unfair business practices, Organizational governance, Environmental aspects, Market place and consumer issues, Community involvement, Social development. Read more

Media Training: It’s All About Preparation

This post was first published by Mike Griffin on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

I recently had the great pleasure of hearing Barry Nolan, CNBC Correspondent & Former Hard Copy Anchor give some invaluable advice on mastering the art of the TV interview. Barry discussed a wide array of aspects that, though intended for PR pros who regularly deal with interviews on television, are more than relatable to keynote address and panel sessions as well. Like so many other areas of life, what it all really boils down to is preparation.

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