4 Favorite News Sources for Techies

This post was first published by Doug Flora on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Despite the long and steady decline of traditional media, there are now more ways than ever of getting the news. This is partially thanks to social media channels. A Pew Research Center study last year found that a third of adults under 30 get their news from social networks – almost the same number as those who turned to TV, and more than twice as many as those who read print or digital newspapers.

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CleanEnergy Project wins first Internet Magazin Award

CleanEnergy ProjectWe still can’t believe it – our CleanEnergy Project Online Magazine was voted best internet portal for „alternative energy sources and environment protection“ and therefore received the Internet Magazin Award 2013. The award was created by Kauuferportal.de this year and is dedicated specifically to websites dealing with the topics „alternative energy sources and environment protection“. Read more

Search Wars: How to Play Nice in Google’s Sandbox

how-to-get-out-of-the-google-sandboxThis post was first published by Michelle Pittman on JCPR’s blog.

Forget everything you thought you knew about search engine optimization (SEO).

Google recently implemented significant changes that will put an end to optimized anchor text in articles and press releases distributed on other sites. This announcement heralds a sea of change in the way that companies leverage back-linking in press materials to increase their visibility among search engines. The process of linking to a company’s web pages using search engine keywords—the phrases searchers use to find companies, products and other information online — have ended. The parameters Google has put around this practice, which include limiting the violation to distribution on other sites, dramatically impacts the content that is posted to commonly-used newswire services. Read more

Avoiding PR Mumbo Jumbo

This post was first published by Doug Flora on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

In George Orwell’s 1946 essay Politics and the English Language, he wrote:

“Modern English, especially written English, is full of bad habits which spread by imitation and which can be avoided if one is willing to take the necessary trouble.”

You probably recall being scolded by a parent, teacher, or both to stop saying “like” or “um.” However, Orwell was talking about something else. He was criticizing the explosion of jargon, euphemisms, mumbo jumbo and other misleading or unclear wording in the English language. That was 70 years ago, and things certainly haven’t gotten any better. Read more

This American Life, Understanding Your Audience and PR

This post was first published by Kacey Albertine on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

If you’re as dedicated to NPR as I am, then you undoubtedly have heard the radio show This American Life, a weekly hour-long feature that deeply intimates listeners with a variety of Americans based on an overall theme of each show. Some of my favorite themes include a wide range of topics, including patents (more compelling than it sounds!), “PI Moms”, high school shootings and Blackjack.

This weekend, I turned to my “TAL” smartphone app and came across a compelling episode called “The View from Within” about something that I have always taken an interest in: truly seeing where a person is coming from by putting yourself in his or her shoes. Read more

TRUST – What Is Needed In Communication Between The Financial Service Provider And The Consumer

During a regular workday, thousands of complaints are sent to financial ombudsmen across Europe. Consumers are frustrated, employees distressed, and resources are spent unnecessarily on obtaining a good relationship between provider and consumer. But maybe we can bring down the number of complaints by communicating differently.

So, how can the successful relationship between the financial service provider and the consumer be established? By finding the core using a single tool – TRUST. Read more

3 Ways B2B Tech Companies Can Maximize PR at Trade Shows

This post was first published by Beth Brenner on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

microphone-2B2B marketers have been allocating a greater portion of their 2013 budgets to trade shows, to support sales efforts and increase brand visibility.

Tech companies, and in particular, hardware suppliers, have said that conferences are their number one source of leads. So, it’s critical that organizations strategically map out how to capitalize on their investments and ensure that they take advantage of all of the PR opportunities before, during and after events. Read more

Five Steps for Responding to Online Criticism

By Annetta Hanna, Vice President Content, Jennifer Connelly Public Relations

Remember the Online Disinhibition Effect? It’s the term that psychologists use for the loosening (or complete abandonment) of social norms in online encounters. You’ve probably witnessed some examples of this effect when an online discussion turns mean and ugly. And if you’re responsible for a business, the Online Disinhibition Effect can have especially dire consequences if it influences customer reviews on a social media site like Yelp. Read more

What’s the best way to sell to telecoms operators?

ConneCt-and-CCG-logos-2Vendors are facing some of the toughest trading conditions ever. It has never been so difficult to ‘sell’ to operators. It’s not just uncontrollable macro-economic factors that are frustrating vendor sales and marketing efforts. The manner in which operators buy has changed. However, many vendors are not changing how they market and sell in response to new operator buying habits. ConneCt from CCgroup Read more