Product Launch Campaign: XBOX One and the Pre-Launch Party

This post was first published by Blake Snelling on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Over the past week, we’ve studied a few different kinds of tech product launch strategies. Today, we decided to take a look at how Microsoft launched the XBOX One.

The gaming console was unveiled in May 2013 as an “all-in-one entertainment system,” boasting features for the whole family. Unfortunately, the gaming system’s advertising strategy had an undeniably rocky start.

Along with the usual launch event that was live-streamed on the XBOX On site, Microsoft tried something new by sending out a pre-launch letter. Though intended to be a lighthearted letter to one’s spouse, critics all over Twitter interpreted it as more sexist than humorous. Yikes. Read more

Merry Christmas!

Our international blog series takes a short Christmas break and will be back in January 2014.

Happy Holidays!


Denmark 2013: Strategic Communication on the Right Track

LarsJorgensen_DenmarkLars Jørgensen, gives his view on the strategic PR field. The Danish PR business is on the right track in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, he says.

1. How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in Denmark in 2013?

The financial crisis was hard on many Danish Companies. And of course, this was reflected on their use of consultancy. 2013 was the year in which it began to turn around and move forward – for the Danish companies and therefore also for the consultancy business. Especially the last six months of 2013 have been much more positive than we have seen for a long time and we can watch a growth in the field again. Read more

3 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Direct for PR

This post was first published by Hanah Johnson on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Brands can use Instagram Direct to connect with customers.New social media channels always mean new potential opportunities for PR agencies. Last week, we saw the rise of Instagram Direct. It’s essentially the same Instagram experience we’ve come to know and love, but now with the option of sending private photos, videos and chat-like messages to specific users or groups of users (up to 15).

The new service has sparked conversation about whether Facebook took this move in retaliation to SnapChat’s rejection of its $3 billion offer, and whether Instagram Direct will prompt SnapChat to roll out more robust messaging capabilities in response.

While these are the hot topics for social media users, marketers and PR professionals have got their minds somewhere else. Right now, we’re wondering whether Instagram Direct could become an innovative new way to get in touch with customers, prospects and influencers. Read more

Don’t be so irrelevant

This blog post is written by CCGroup Account Executive, Emma Catchpole

Gorkana recently held one of its infamous breakfast briefings and as some of us are still fairly new to PR, it seemed sensible to take the opportunity to question key editors face to face on what they want from us.


Under fire at last week’s event were five Wall Street Journal Europe editors. The line up, which could rival any Leicester Square premier, included European editor, Thorold Barker; Financial Editor, Duncan Mavin; and Chip Cummins, Business Editor of EMEA. A joke was made about whether their insurance would cover them all being in one place at one time – I mean would it? Imagine if… OK I’m not here to discuss that… Read more

Ukraine 2013: A 45 million people market with low competition

JukkaThis week we take a look at a market which is still a bit of a mystery to most European and non-Europeans alike. Jukka Laikari, who supports PR clients in the Ukrainian PR market since 2008, describes his impressions of 2013 in the Ukraine:

1. How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in the Ukraine in 2013?

Ukraine is a 45 million people emerging market. It is often said that it is the one big market in Europe with the least competition between brands and product offerings. Therefore it is still possible for new companies in this region or smaller players to win a reasonable market share and use PR as a very effective tool.

 Read more

Down the Tubes – Ten years of NFC

This blog post is written by Michael Scanlan, a member of the Fintech team

NFC payment

Remember the guy commuting by waterslide to a soundtrack of the laid back country rock of the Bellamy Brothers’ ‘Just let your love flow’. He swooshed through supermarkets and shops and every time he wanted to pay for something he tapped his Barclaycard on a reader and off he went on his aquatic way with his no doubt soggy groceries.

What a marvel! Paying with card without your PIN? Tapping to pay? That’s the future right there!

Unfortunately, this future has failed to materialise. When I’m commuting home tonight, I’ll pass by more than a handful of retailers. And, to the best of my knowledge, only one of them, a purveyor of ready-to-eat sarnies, accepts contactless cards.

NFC is being positioned by the payments industry as the next step. No longer do you need a card. Your wallet is your phone. Touch your phone to the reader and pay. Read more

5 Fast and Easy SEO Strategies for Your Blog

This post was first published by Blaise Lucey on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

SEO strategies for blogs can be fast and easy.Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t rocket science. In fact, now that Google has encrypted the referring keywords that companies used to track, SEO strategies have become as much about art as about science.

Strategic placement of keywords is still important, but you don’t have to grab a calculator to figure that out.

This is especially true for B2B tech companies, which often target markets that are narrow enough for the content is more important than the keyword strategy. Read more

GlobalCom PR Network supports TAKUMI JAPAN at IGW Berlin in Germany

TAKUMI JAPAN supports SMEs in Japan and introduces Japanese food and beverage products at the International Green Week (IGW) 

Munich, 09. December 2013 – GlobalCom PR Network (GCPR), a worldwide group of PR and marketing agencies, adds TAKUMI JAPAN to its international client list. In addition to multi-market PR support GCPR is specialized in Logosupporting clients in entering new regions. Just like the German PR team supports TAKUMI JAPAN with local expertise, the Asian and American teams of GCPR support German companies in expanding their visibility abroad.

TAKUMI JAPAN is organized by Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry (CFSCI), an organization which supports small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in Japan. TAKUMI JAPAN introduces Japanese tradition, technology, design, local crafts as well as food and beverage related products at international trade shows. Read more

Brazil 2013: Growing PR investments and international attention

Marta Dourado_BrazilTime for our international PR series to take a look to the west of the Atlantic Ocean and visit South America. Marta Dourado of our São Paulo based team at Fundamento RP shares her impressions of the year 2013 in Brazil:

1.     How did the global recession affect the demand for PR in Brazil in 2013?

The Brazilian PR market has been growing in the past years and we expect this trend to continue in the next years. Despite the country’s poor economic performance in 2013 – GDP is expected to grow only by 1 percent this year – we have been watching an increase in companies’ investments in PR projects in Brazil. Many reasons have been attracting eyes, and capital, to the country  Read more