PR Events in Turkey

concept social networkIn our weekly series about events in Public Relations this week we visit Turkey where our colleague Jack Jacob provides us with some insights on the current trends and developments regarding PR events.

Utilize Social Media channels for event promotion

Many firms these days are questioning the benefits of using social media in B2B events. At Promedia we believe all events whether B2B or B2C should have some presence on sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and even Facebook to some extent. For example Twitter offers B2B event marketers a diverse network and is used heavily by industry professionals and B2B journalists. Read more

Captivate Your Audience with Dynamic Storytelling

140326 BlogIt’s easy to tell when someone is reciting memorized company jargon rather than speaking from the heart.  Instead of repeating the same old lines, why not tell a story? A great one makes your audience want to know more—and more importantly, share it with others. Read more

The Book of Fred: PR Lessons from the Most Hated Man in America

140325_BlogThe Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) lost its founder and patriarch Fred Phelps to natural causes last week.

The 84 year-old preacher and activist from Topeka, Kansas leaves behind a career largely characterized by his reliance on the media to publicize his wretched theology. During his six decade reign over the church, Phelps became a savvy media strategist and wove that identity into the fabric of his organization. As the world bids good riddance to Pastor Fred, the public relations community has an opportunity reflect on the important lessons he left behind. Read more

Are Clichés in PR Writing Ever OK?

This post was first published by James Young on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

 Anyone with extensive academic or professional writing experience has been warned about the hazards of using clichés. In the world of tech PR, we’ve explained why jargon and mumbo jumbo in particular are more common than they should be.

The cliché is a distant cousin. One journalism professor of mine thought so little of clichés that if you dared to use one in an assignment, you would, in his words „suffer the ignominy of an F.“ That was not an empty threat, either. I did fail a few assignments.

That professor is not alone in his harsh assessment of clichés. Read more

Hemingway Hates Your Press Releases

Think outside the box. Open the kimono. Circle back. Best practices. Innovative solutions.

460135665What do these phrases all have in common? They’re staples of business-speak (AKA workplace jargon) and they have plagued corporate prose for years. Business-speak worms its way into boilerplates, resumes and even live conversations like an invasive species attacking the collective vocabulary of the professional world. We cringe and poke fun at its stuffy emptiness, and yet it persists – even thrives. Read more


James Loke from Tangs presenting Heah Sieu Lay with his mock sponsorship cheque while Ms Msia Universe 2008 Levy Li looks on
Business to customer events such as interactive, hands-on sessions – think cooking and beauty workshops – restaurant or product review sessions and larger-than-life‘ events such as fashion shows and glamourous ‚red carpet‘ cocktails are the norm rather than the exception for most of our clients from the lifestyle sector: hospitality, food & beverage, fashion and beauty to name but a few.



In Malaysia, most media invitations for PR events are issued about three weeks to a fortnight prior to the scheduled date. Really large scale or more prominent events that warrant ample pre-publicity ahead of the actual event would naturally be flagged earlier to the media.  Read more

Feel The Need To Attack Your Competition? Here Are Four Tips To Keep In Mind


While there isn’t quite the degree of mud-slinging among financial services firms as there is among politicians during an election year, business executives do sometimes feel the urge to tear down the competition. And some of them have been known to act on those urges.

It might feel gratifying to publicly air the weaknesses of your opponent, but here are some tips to consider before you do:

 Read more

Transform Media Training from Old and Busted to New Hotness

This post was first published by Madge Miller on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

As interviews via webcam become increasingly popular, PR firms must include this as part of media training offered to clients.Executives go through media training, which is like saying the sun rises and sets. A senior PR person will show up, video camera in-hand, to capture every stutter and awkward tic as the trainee struggles with the presence of the camera and the existential dread caused by the word bridging. The next time someone shows up to media train you, give the video camera the hand and just say no.

In the modern media landscape, training in how to interview via webcam is much more useful.

Why? Read more

Mobile World Congress: Five rules of engagement

This blog post, by MD of CCgroup Richard Fogg, was first written for The Holmes Report website.

This year marked my tenth ‘Mobile World Congress’ in 14 years (I got a few off for good behavior). Affectionately knows as MWC, it is the global mobile industry’s annual shindig and challenger to CES. This year’s event attracted some 85,000 people, 3,800 media and analysts and 1,800 exhibitors. It’s been estimated (using the official PR tools of beer mat and a free pen early in the morning) that B2B mobile vendors splash out between 40% and 60% of their annual marketing budget on this event alone.

Lissted CCgroup

As should be expected from such a number, when it comes to engagement at MWC expectations are very, very high. And you’d be forgiven for assuming, given the stakes, that the mobile industry would have MWC nailed as a military marketing operation. Sadly, this is the exception rather than the rule – as evidenced this year, where two weeks before the show our agency received a call from a major brand because its CEO wanted to launch a new product at the event. Read more

Level39 presentation: How FinTech PR can help you sell to financial institutions?

This blog by Daniel Lowther Head of FinTech, was first published on the CCgroup blog

A combination of TechCity investment and London’s standing as the centre of global financial services has made the city attractive for hot new fintech start-ups. I wrote a blog last summer about how – given London’s heritage, infrastructure, talent and myriad other reasons – the Government and various other parties should be concentrating on creating a FinTech City, rather than a TechCity. It seems the tide is indeed changing.


A month ago a new fintech incubator was announced, by pan-European accelerator Startupbootcamp. There are other fintech bootcamps like the Techstars-Barclays tie-up announced back in December, and London’s FinTech Innovation Lab, launched back in 2012. If that wasn’t enough, on the 24th of March London’s first annual FinTech week in the City. Read more