How PR Supports Intelligent Growth’s Five Pillars

This post was first published by James Gerber on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Full Disclosure: SiriusDecisions is a March client.

Last week, when John Neeson, SiriusDecisions co-founder and managing partner, took the main stage at SiriusDecisions’ Summit 2014 to unveil the company’s industry-first “B-to-B Confidence Index” study, he outlined the five pillars that lead to growth for B2B organizations:

Markets – Entering or expanding into vertical, horizontal or geographic markets using existing offerings.

Buyers – Targeting new buying centers and behaviors.

Offerings – Launch of new products/services, or enhancement of the current portfolio.

Acquisition – Purchase of other companies or incubating business units.

Productivity – Maximizing efficiency, effectiveness and engagement. Read more

Funny facts about Sweden and the swedes

As a third culture kid (, currently living in Sweden, here is a list of things that are different in Sweden from what I have experienced in other countries.


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Blog for Your Actual Readers, Not Your “Wish List” Readers

This post was first published by Sarah Love on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Last week, I attended a Pub Club panel event, The Evolving Relationship of Brands and Bloggers: What It Means for Your Content Strategy, which shed light on how blogging (and bloggers) can support a brand’s goals or mission.

The panelists, which included a mommy blogger, agency employees and a corporate blogger, discussed a number of topics related to blogging, from creating relationships with influential voices online to writing meaningful content for your own corporate site. Read more

Can tech take us to a sustainable future?

This blog post was written by Charlotte Webster for the CCgroup blog


There’s no denying it. The pressure is on. The world’s leaders are calling for a low carbon future, the technology is here to deliver it, and we’re grasping it with both hands.

Well, not entirely. ‘Sustainable’ technology is disruptive. It’s challenging the vertical, hierarchical, industrialised world we’re so used to. It’s enabling an interconnected, more horizontal world where individuals have better access to information, energy and money than ever before. Read more

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Pulls TV Ads for All-Digital Marketing

This post was first published by James Young on March Communcations‘ blog PR Nonsense.

After the busy summer period, we'll find out if Mike's Hard Lemonade's digital marketing strategy paid off.When you think of brands on the cutting edge of marketing, a flavored alcohol drink company probably doesn’t come to mind. So, what can Mike’s Hard Lemonade teach us about why you need a digital marketing and PR strategy?

It seems fitting that Mike’s incorporates a fist into its logo, because it seems to be preparing for what AdAge characterizes as its „biggest challenge yet.“ Mike’s is the long-time leader of the flavored malt beverage (FMB) market, and now it’s getting into the ring with its increasingly prominent competitors. Mike’s didn’t face any significant threats to its FMB market dominance until recently. Read more

Things You Should Know about Turks

When I moved to Turkey 22 years ago, all I knew and heard about this amazing country was the endless glasses of tea, the kebabs and the Grand Bazar. But if you really want to get under the country’s skin, here are less commonly known things about life and culture in Turkey:


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Native advertising – don’t be naive

This post was first published by Emma Catchpole on the CCgroup blog 

Native-advertising-249x300In a nutshell, native advertising is a method of advertising which provides promotional content within the context (design, tone or simply platform norms) of the user’s experience. Its advantage is that it feels less intrusive than typical advertising, does not interrupt the user experience and can increase response rates. Read more

Social Media in B2B PR – hyped, essential or somewhere in between?

This post was first published by William Gardiner on the CCgroup blog 

social-media-300x200If you have been firmly ensconced under a rock recently, you might have missed the announcement that David Moyes was sacked as Manchester United’s manager. And the fact that this announcement was first made over Twitter. Just when you think the media world has come round to the fact that Twitter is simply another channel, the hype over the “novelty” of Twitter starts again. If the announcement had been made via newswires, televised press conferences or even an exclusive journalist interview, would it have garnered the same attention? Read more

What The Elder Scrolls Online Can Teach You About Social Media & PR

This post was first published by Blaise Lucey on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

I don’t know if you’ve read my Fun Facts Friday interview, but I’m an occasional video gamer. One of my biggest weaknesses has been The Elder Scrolls series, from Morrowind and Oblivion to Skyrim and, now, The Elder Scrolls Online.

Full disclosure: I love the game. But as someone who works in the PR field and does social media and content marketing for tech companies, I writhed in pain when I saw the constant fumbling by developer Zenimax Online during the game’s rocky launch. Read more

What I Know about Denmark

If you know just a little about Danish culture, you have probably heard of the Law of Jante. For several decades, this law was practiced indirectly, while the Danes pretended to actually practice the opposite… Today, a different set of rules apply.

Danish flag

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