How to Encourage Your Employees to be Brand Advocates on Twitter

This post was first published by Erica Frank on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Twitter can be a great channel to foster employee engagement.By now, we all know the importance of having an active social media presence. No matter your industry, the chances of your customers being online are very high; that means you need to be online, too.

As PR professionals, we spend a lot of time talking with companies about how to implement and maintain strong social media programs. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges we hear (and let’s face it, know first-hand) is lack of time. Most companies understand the need for a steady stream of social content, but simply don’t have the bandwidth to do it.

So, what’s a busy company to do? Instead of expecting ownership to fall on the shoulders of a few employees, companies should empower all employees to be advocates on social media. Read more

The Press Isn’t Picking Up Your Company’s Story? Take Matters Into Your Own Hands.

This post was first published by Blaise Lucey on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

How you can build your own press coverage..Not every product announcement or company update is front page material. Most companies know that there some things that won’t get the attention of an industry publication or a business journal.

Yet that doesn’t stop the feeling of creeping disappointment when there doesn’t seem to be as much coverage of a new development as you wanted.

The fact is that the game of public relations has changed. Since March started doing tech PR in Boston in 2005, we’ve witnessed a lot of these changes firsthand.

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PRHUB – Globalcom’s Indian affiliate recognized as among 15 emerging firms to watch out for worldwide in ‘Global PR Rankings 2014’

Only Indian PR firm and the second in Asia to make it to “Best of the rest” category, which recognizes firms with strong growth and an eye for innovation globally

Reaffirms Globalcom’s focus on knitting strong, independent PR firms worldwide

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Why Your Company Has Trouble Getting Press Coverage

This post was first published by James Gerber on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Far too often, companies believe that they are entitled to media coverage. Even when no message seems to be resonating, executives often try to find undeniable reasons why they should be receiving regular pieces of coverage in the highest tier outlets – places like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg TV or even new school outlets like Mashable.

Maybe your company makes a supremely cool product. After all, if your product is innovative and has features that the market hasn’t seen before, the media will surely be interested, right? Maybe you regularly speak in front of audiences in the hundreds or perhaps even thousands. That would seem to be worthy of being covered in the press. Your products or business could have won prestigious awards. You may have had a great piece of press coverage early on or you have $X million (or billion) in revenues. So why is it so hard now? Read more

Content Management for Online Communities

Online Communities Posted by Rachael Wolensky, Intern at Jennifer Connelly Public Relations (JCPR).

Being “social” is a combination of understanding both your online community as much as your offline community in regard to not only the type of content you are providing them, but also the volume of information. You don’t want content to over-load, but you do want them to read the information that is important to them. Read more

The Power of Many: How Does Open Source Journalism Affect PR?

This post was first published by Juliana Allen on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Open source journalism gathers information from around the world.The “Power of Many” is a business concept that has translated well to other industries, and with good results. By using the power of the public, police have been able to gather valuable tips and evidence about suspected rioters, while parents have sourced creative names for their new-borns.

Crowdsourcing is proof that “more is better.” And given that information is gold to journalists, it shouldn’t be a surprise that so called “open source journalism” has been on the rise. Citizen journalists all over the world are just one-tweeted-picture-of-a-car-accident away from contributing to the lead story on the evening news.

Just as crowdfunding solicits money from a range of supporters to get a startup off the ground, open source journalism is all about anyone other than professional journalists contributing to the news and it usually sourced in a community-like online forum. Read more

5G: the hype du mois in the telecoms and mobile PR battery

This post was first published by Duncan McKean on the CCgroup PR blog.

Last week saw some of the world’s leading telecoms technologists head to Amsterdam for the LTE World Summit. By all accounts, it was a fairly quiet affair except in one regard – “5G”.

Ah yes, 5G: The next great revolution in radio access technology and architecture in the mobile world. Everyone loves a bit of “next generation”, right? Wrong. At least, Dan Warren, the GSMA’s director of technology, doesn’t.

During the event, Chinese vendor ZTE outlined its technical vision for 5G architectures, and Ericsson demonstrated its very own 5G solution. These were two prominent examples of several 5G discussions, getting everyone all a-flutter with excitement at what the future might hold.

The trouble is, “5G” at this stage is not a lot more than a statement of intent – it’s not defined anywhere in technical standards and a lot of other new, related technologies are simply having the 5G name badge pinned on in the hope of gaining some sort of credibility. Read more

When’s the Best Time? B2B PR Strategies Down to the Minute

This post was first published by Meredith L. Eaton on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

B2B PR TimeSo much of a good B2B PR strategy comes down to timing… but, let’s face it, there are always going to be things that are out of your hands. For instance, you can’t control if Microsoft decides to launch a new product on the same day as your client, leaving your pitches buried under more urgent, breaking news. And, you can’t control if Amazon’s cloud goes down at the same time when your client is boasting a reliable AWS failover solution. But, beyond things like this that you are powerless to change and have the potential to spoil your B2B PR efforts, here are some things you can control: Read more