PR Trends of 2014 in France

This Thurdays blog post on our current series PR Trends in 2014 is featured by Julien Monet of Agence Monet + Associés GlobalCom PR Network member in France.


“Although the French PR sector shrank by about 4.8%* in 2014, we feel it’s a very attractive market. Many agencies are trying to change their day-to-day practices to make the shift from being a media relations agency to a complete PR agency. Social media activity is really driving this change because it involves data analysis, content production and results measurement. The development of new technology tools means that we can do our job more efficiently, so these new opportunities offer a promising future.

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LinkedIn Wants Your Content – Should You Give It To Them?

This post was first published by Blaise Lucey on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

LinkedIn can be a new outlet for content - but is it worth it for brands to post there?Over the past few months, you might have noticed a new kind of notification on LinkedIn that lets you know whenever someone from your network has published a blog post. These posts are stored directly on LinkedIn, so reading them is a pretty seamless experience.

When you’re done, you’ll notice that there’s an endless stream of other content in the left column. Some of these posts are from LinkedIn Influencers – big-name CEOs, celebrities, policymakers – but others are from regular LinkedIn members.

This is part of LinkedIn’s grand plan to get people to stay on the platform and engage with it. Right now, most people treat LinkedIn as a job-finding website. If they don’t need a job or they’re not tidying up the resume, there’s no real reason to visit it. LinkedIn Groups provided some form of engagement but, as we’ve discussed, these groups have more or less become spam factoriesRead more

The PR Market in 2014 in Mexico City

This Thursday’s contribution is coming from Adriana De Vizcaya, Account Manager at Lead Image, GlobalCom partner in Mexico.

Adriana De Vizcaya

The PR industry in Mexico has become more specialized in the content and the connections that the brands has with its customers; the PR expert need to understand the city insights and where the audience is.


Talent Needed yellow road warning sign to illustrate a need to f1. Talent: The PR is becoming more specialized in different kinds of industries and is developing a personal and honest working relationship; the PR professional need to understand about the company’s business objectives in order to develop PR strategies focus on how the positive reputation can become a benefit for the company.

 2. The Brand Story: The PR Market in Mexico is focusing on develop emotions and experiences with relevant content that can help the companies to create a conversations between the audience and the brand, in which the message has to become memorable

3The PR 2.0: The social media is growing faster, the public relations is moving to develop messages that can be helpful in the zero moment of truth, meaning as in the way consumers search for information online and make decisions about brands; the PR has to create a connection of possibilities between brands and customers with different kinds of insights.

How To Be The Best And The Leader

It doesn’t matter where you from, the goal of every PR around the world is to be the exclusive source for all the information about its clients and to develop the collective and individual connections with the key messages.


Author: Adriana De Vizcaya – Account Manager at Lead Image –


3 Simple Tips to Professionalize Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

This post was first published by Jenna Burpee on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Over the years, I’ve phLinkedIn Profileotographed headshots for individuals in many different industries, as having a professional photo is a fairly universal practice in the business world. Most recently, we photographed the March team so that we’d have some nice, uniform headshots agency-wide to use for new business presentations, and of course, to improve our LinkedIn profiles.

Like any photographer, I began brainstorming how to create the perfect image, which had me thinking about the qualities that truly make a profile picture really stand out. Is it perfect lighting? Does it matter what color shirt or tie my subject wears? Does the photo really need to be centered? (Side note: I really hate centering!) Read more

What have been the most significant PR trend / change in the PR market in 2014 in Saudi Arabia?


The second blog post of our running and current series „PR Trends of 2014“ is provided by Wael Sabri MD of Global Arabia, GlobalCom PR Network member in Saudi Arabia

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How to Track Your Content Marketing Program’s Results

This post was first published by Blaise Lucey on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Tracking your content marketing program's results isn't hard, it just requires the right tools.B2B content marketers have come a long way. They’re not writing as much “selfie” content anymore and they’re not writing unhelpful stuff, either.

Sure, there might be a lot of repetitive articles for the sake of search engine optimization (SEO), but who’s not guilty of that?

The creation of content is no longer the biggest challenge faced by B2B content marketing. A lot of executives have heard that this thing called “content” is important for the business, so they’re willing to give it a try. Read more

PR takes centre-stage: Top 3 trends in 2014

As we are approaching the end of the year we have asked our PR teams around the world to share their top 3 PR trends and changes in the media market with us.

Richard Fogg,  MD of CCgroup, one of GlobalCom PR Network’s UK offices, provides the first post in the series:

RichardFoggThe key PR trend of 2014 has been about delivering on the rhetoric of the last few years. Conference after conference. Thought leader after thought leader. Blog after blog. The PR buzz terms have been coming thick and fast: Content marketing. Data-driven insights. Paid media. Outcome measurement. Search integration. Agency re-structuring.

Of course there are new terms entering the PR lexicon. But, critically, the industry is starting to deliver. Especially in the B2B technology PR space. Especially amongst nimble independent agencies. Especially in LondonRead more

Corporate Video Content Needs to Be Less Corporate

This post was first published by Brendan Reilly on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Video content needs to be about the story, not product features and specs.The best type of interview, in my opinion, is one in which your subject tells a story and your voice as the interviewer is never heard. I’m reminded of a quote from well-known radio personality, Ira Glass:

“The power of the anecdote is so great. No matter how boring the material is, if it’s in story form, there’s suspense in it. It feels like something’s going to happen.”

Actually, I was reminded of this quote while reading a recent article at, an excellent music licensing resource for independent and corporate filmmakers alike. The article focused on The Music Bed’s approach to conducting interviews and how they are able to pull compelling stories from their interview subjects. It’s a good read, and I highly recommend it for anyone who conducts interviews regularly, whether you’re a journalist, PR professional or filmmaker. Read more

What’s Hot in UK Consumer Technology this Christmas?

This post was first published by Naomi Barry, on Escapade PR’s blog  

As we head into November, and with just two pay days left until the big day, at Escapade our minds cannot help but drift towards the right Christmas gift for our nearest and dearest.

What is on trend?  And is anything actually within our budget?

When it comes to kids, you can’t go far wrong with the top ten list from Hamleys, with gifts priced from £25 to £200+.  Interestingly, this year, it is full of tech gifts featuring a  Barbie Colour Change Bag, a LeapFrog LeapTV and a Kiddizoom Smart Watch featuring games, alarm and camera functionality.

For the grown-ups, Currys and PC World unveiled its top 10 predictions for Christmas tech back in July (afterall that’s prime Christmas season in our world) with wearable tech forecast to be the gift of choice for many. Read more