Put Down the Pen and Paper: How Augmented Reality is Impacting Storytelling

This post was first published by Laurie Davis on Interprose’s blog, Interprose Voice.

Once upon a time in a kingdom under the sea, there was a spirited, redheaded mermaid who longed to go ashore and meet the man of her dreams. I bet most of you know what story I’m talking about. Disney’s The Little Mermaid was one of my favorites growing up.

We gravitate to stories from a young age and it never really ends; everyone likes a good story. It’s how we connect, share, and proliferate ideas. A story is impactful.

It is a well-known fact that storytelling is at the heart of public relations and marketing. We always want to make our messages relatable, memorable, and purposeful – all things that characterize a good story. Read more

Measuring the Offline World for Marketing

This post was first published by Meredith L. Eaton on March Communications‘ blog M+PR Nonsense.

Photo Credit: Amanda Fountain

“Devices turn the offline world into the online world.”

Chris Penn said that at a recent PRSA Boston event I attended and it stuck with me. It happened after a conversation around measurement and website analytics, and how that may translate to foot traffic for brick and mortar stores.

Is that measurable, too?

Yes. Because our smartphones, tablets and other devices make it so. With GPS tracking and location-based services, our devices can be a stalker’s… err, I mean, marketer’s dream!

Chris gave a good example to illustrate this:

Let’s say you’re walking around the mall. Your phone would be constantly trying to find a WiFi signal to connect to. Even if it doesn’t connect, each time it pings out a WiFi request, it’s revealing your location. And, by tracking that, it’s possible to monitor your movements as you walk around the first floor of the mall, and then the second floor, and then past the food court, and then into an athletic goods store, and so on and so forth. Read more

Yogi Berra and the Art of Being Memorable

This post was first published by Melissa Drozdowski on Interprose’s blog, Interprose Voice.

Did you know that no other Major League Baseball (MLB) catcher has been named to as many all-star teams as the legendary Yogi Berra? Or that he racked up an impressive 358 home runs, 1,430 runs batted in, and three American League Most Valuable Player awards? How about his standing record for having more MLB World Series rings than any other player in the history of baseball? Or that Berra earned a Purple Heart, Distinguished Unit Citation, two battle stars, and a European Theatre of Operations ribbon for his service during one of World War II’s bloodiest battles, D-Day?

If any of this comes as a surprise to you, you’re not alone. More people seem to be familiar with the phrase “It ain’t over till it’s over” than they are with the man who made the words famous. Why? Because in addition to his skills as a legendary athlete and baseball manager, Berra possessed one other important quality: he was a master at being memorable.

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What PR Can Learn From Minimalist Web Design Philosophy

This post was first published by Brendan Reilly on March Communications‘ blog M+PR Nonsense.

Minimalist Design Technology PR Firm

I recently read an article detailing many of the principles of minimalism in Web design. The more I read, the more I came to realize how fitting many of these same ideals were in the world of public relations.

The first tenet of minimalist design is not a simple and uncluttered aesthetic that features black and white colors or basic grid layouts, as many might think. The real first tenet of minimalist design is that content always comes first. A clean and straightforward appearance is in service of that principle.

“Because minimalism is all about trimming secondary features,” according to the Fast.Co article, “the content stands out even more within a disciplined interface.” Read more