PR Trends in Serbia 2014

Bojana Stankovic

Our pre-christmas contribution to our current PR series comes from our partner in Serbia. Mrs. Bojana Stankovic, Account Director at Smartvision is the author of today’s post.

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How Business School Can Help You Prepare for a PR Job

This post was first published by Patricia de Groot on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Business school can teach you a lot about PR.When I graduated from business school, a whole world of professional options opened up for me. I could become a business developer, a financial consultant, or even a marketing rock star.

I chose to step away from the conventional career path and enter the fascinating world of public relations. Then a big question struck me: had business school prepared me for the PR sector? The answer was a resounding yes.

Here are five ways business school can give you the tools you need to be successful in PR. Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: Are the UK’s more mature customers actually the most diverse and savvy?


There has been so much debate about just how modern day brands can engage and remain engaged with that all important trend setting Millennial audience.

But, there has been nowhere near that level of interest or focus on marketing to the UK’s more mature customers.

This is slightly bemusing, as we are all very aware of the UK’s aging population, but maybe we have been side-tracked by the very real social impact that our aging population will cause?

And perhaps, in this digital age, the over 50s are not seen to be such an exciting or receptive audience?
But be under no illusions, the over 50s are diverse, savvy and increasingly important for the success of an awful lot of household brands.

In the UK, over 50s make make-up more than 35% of the population and by 2020 the total number of people over 50 is set to reach 25.5 million.

The over 50s have the highest disposable income of any age group. In fact, KPMG estimate that over the next ten years, two thirds of retail spending growth will come from shoppers aged 55 plus.

Today, more than 11 million people in the UK are now aged over 65, which already represents some 17.1% of the total population. This means that the number of people in this age group has increased by 17.3% since 2003.

And, this trend is set to continue with estimates showing that by 2050, there will be more than 19 million over 65s.

Just like when marketing to Millennial, great care should be taken not to group the more mature audience into one huge group, and beware if you think that they are not digitally savvy, they are.
It is clear that this new generation of mature customers behave very differently to generations that came before summarised beautifully by the fact that 40% of over 70s don’t consider themselves as old!

Consumer PR agency Escapade has undertaken some research into this growing audience. Take a look at its infographic for some fascinating insight into the behaviours, lives and opinions of this diverse and savvy group.

Research undertaken in October 2014. Sample 1,000 over 50s.

2015 is the time to tighten your belt – PR Trends Russia



Our blog series continues with a contirbution from our partner and friend Sergei Trofimenko, CEO of Point Passat, GlobalCom Partner in Russia.

Some interesting facts about the past yeasr as well as a prediction for 2015.

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How Social Media Can Help You Survive the SEO Hunger Games

This post was first published by Blaise Lucey on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

SEO is The Hunger Games. Here's why.Google has essentially become the Gamemaker of “The Hunger Games” and every piece of content is a Tribute trying to survive the search environment. With a sweeping change to the search engine’s algorithm, Google can instantly transform promising pastures into volcanic wastelands, burning old search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ash.

Did you see what that poison fog did to Katniss in “Catching Fire”? That’s what Google can do to the content you’ve tirelessly spent creating and optimizing for search.

That’s left brands in a bind. Google is the only logical choice when you’re trying to build your company’s presence in search. No matter what Bing and Yahoo try to say, Google has about 68 percent of total U.S. search engine share. That number is growing, too, which means the search giant is only getting bigger. Read more

5 Ways to Leverage an Analyst Report for PR and Marketing

This post was first published by Meredith L. Eaton on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Analyst reports can be used for lead generation and brand awareness - here's how.

Analysts are often seen as some of the most credible influencers in any given field. Their vendor neutrality and broad knowledge of market players makes them a reliable source on industry trends, developments and projections.

That’s why commissioning a report or whitepaper to help highlight your company or client’s industry message, often on best practices to solve business pain points (without an outright company endorsement), can be extremely beneficial.

But, once you have the report in hand, what can you do to promote it to the right audience? Read more

The Escapade continues for Berkshire’s foremost consumer PR agency

After eight years of operating from the heart of Reading, this week Escapade PR took a tiny little sidestep into our new Berkshire based offices in Wokingham. After a pretty smooth transition, rather strangely, life on Imperial Way already seems like a lifetime ago.

On the surface, this may indeed have something to do with the niceties that come with a new office, coupled with the buzz from our Arpeggio coffees, but deep routed we know that this is the next chapter in Escapade’s journey to become the foremost consumer PR agency in Berkshire and the Thames Valley.

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PR Trends of 2014 in France

This Thurdays blog post on our current series PR Trends in 2014 is featured by Julien Monet of Agence Monet + Associés GlobalCom PR Network member in France.


“Although the French PR sector shrank by about 4.8%* in 2014, we feel it’s a very attractive market. Many agencies are trying to change their day-to-day practices to make the shift from being a media relations agency to a complete PR agency. Social media activity is really driving this change because it involves data analysis, content production and results measurement. The development of new technology tools means that we can do our job more efficiently, so these new opportunities offer a promising future.

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LinkedIn Wants Your Content – Should You Give It To Them?

This post was first published by Blaise Lucey on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

LinkedIn can be a new outlet for content - but is it worth it for brands to post there?Over the past few months, you might have noticed a new kind of notification on LinkedIn that lets you know whenever someone from your network has published a blog post. These posts are stored directly on LinkedIn, so reading them is a pretty seamless experience.

When you’re done, you’ll notice that there’s an endless stream of other content in the left column. Some of these posts are from LinkedIn Influencers – big-name CEOs, celebrities, policymakers – but others are from regular LinkedIn members.

This is part of LinkedIn’s grand plan to get people to stay on the platform and engage with it. Right now, most people treat LinkedIn as a job-finding website. If they don’t need a job or they’re not tidying up the resume, there’s no real reason to visit it. LinkedIn Groups provided some form of engagement but, as we’ve discussed, these groups have more or less become spam factoriesRead more

The PR Market in 2014 in Mexico City

This Thursday’s contribution is coming from Adriana De Vizcaya, Account Manager at Lead Image, GlobalCom partner in Mexico.

Adriana De Vizcaya

The PR industry in Mexico has become more specialized in the content and the connections that the brands has with its customers; the PR expert need to understand the city insights and where the audience is.


Talent Needed yellow road warning sign to illustrate a need to f1. Talent: The PR is becoming more specialized in different kinds of industries and is developing a personal and honest working relationship; the PR professional need to understand about the company’s business objectives in order to develop PR strategies focus on how the positive reputation can become a benefit for the company.

 2. The Brand Story: The PR Market in Mexico is focusing on develop emotions and experiences with relevant content that can help the companies to create a conversations between the audience and the brand, in which the message has to become memorable

3The PR 2.0: The social media is growing faster, the public relations is moving to develop messages that can be helpful in the zero moment of truth, meaning as in the way consumers search for information online and make decisions about brands; the PR has to create a connection of possibilities between brands and customers with different kinds of insights.

How To Be The Best And The Leader

It doesn’t matter where you from, the goal of every PR around the world is to be the exclusive source for all the information about its clients and to develop the collective and individual connections with the key messages.


Author: Adriana De Vizcaya – Account Manager at Lead Image –