Espósito Marketing joins GlobalCom PR Network

After the recent signing of an agreement, Espósito Marketing is proud to announce that it has become a partner of this prestigious international network of marketing and PR agencies.

GlobalCom-PR Network is a global network of over 45 PR consulting agencies, whose members are chosen based on their professionalism and ethical values. GlobalCom-PR Network becomes the platform for developing new business but also for discussing management methods and nourishing from other members through the synergy produced among them.
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GlobalCom partners report on current international PR trends in PR-Report Germany

In addition to our well received blog series about current PR trends and local differences in PR practices, GlobalCom PR Network has been asked to deliver comments by network partners around the world by the leading German PR magazine PR-Report.

Tibor Szentgyörgyi of Vision Communications (Budapest, Hungary) has been featured in January. He reported on the development of Hungary’s attitude and relationship with the European Union based on the related media coverage.

In the recent February issue of the magazine Martin Jones of March PR (Boston, USA) reported on the impact founding CEOs, like Steve Jobs, have on a company’s image and branding.


Wibke Sonderkamp

public link has successfully launched its new blog „100% New“

The public link colleagues are blogging about new products and new services.

Our deep passion for new products finds perfect expression in our “100% new” blog. Whether actual innovation, a nice “me too” or just some quirky contrivance – as long it has “NEW” written on it we will see to it. Perhaps a red-hot campaign, the hundredth club to open in Berlin or the latest Lady Gaga video? We will add our two cents. The reheated, rediscovered and even the long forgotten will also find a place here. We hope you enjoy it; to read, comment, bookmark and share.

Please have a look at
You are all welcome to contribute to the blog – maybe you just found a hot or bizarre new product in your market?

Lina ( is our „Head of Blog“ and she is looking forward to receive ideas, links, comments.

Indra Musiol – public linc, GlobalCom partner Berlin

GlobalCom PR-Network supports Clean Tech Media Award 2009

The who is who in clean tech business as well as celebrities from culture, media, economy and politics could be spotted on the green carpet of the German Clean Tech Media Award gala last Thursday in Berlin.

Sustainability made in Germany – that’s what Clean Tech Media Award (CTMA) is all about. Together, Pioneers of climate protection and VIPs with concern for our environment lobby for an improved ecological awareness. GlobalCom PR-Network GmbH is one of the partners and sponsors of the Award.

The CMTA honours exceptional green projects and green technology in the categories „Technology“, „Sustainability“, „Culture & Media“ and „New Research Talent“.

Check out the video to view the comments of award winners and sponsors of the Clean Tech Media Award 2009 including Ralf Harmann, founder of GlobalCom PR-Network GmbH and the CleanEnergy Project.




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Vero Public Relations represents GlobalCom in Thailand and Vietnam

Vero PR - PR partner in Thailand and VietnamPublic Link, Salud y Comunicación, Tourism PR agencies in different markets – GlobalCom has gained so many new European partners during the last couple of months. With March PR and HealthStar PR we are also very happy in the US. Just the Asian tigers were still a rare species within our “zoo”…

One of them has approached GlobalCom for a while before jumping in: Vero Public Relations is going to represent our network in Thailand and Vietnam and will thus strengthen GlobalCom’s business in Asia. Read more

GlobalCom Tourism Competence Team officially founded

Tropical beachTravel & Tourism has always been one of the main target industries for our global network, but definitely GlobalCom was still in need for a significant driving force for business development in this field. A couple of months ago, GlobalCom has won KPRN network as new partner for Tourism PR in Germany – now they bring in their own international network Tourism Trademark (TTM), and four new agencies specializing in tourism PR join GlobalCom.

“On this occasion we have taken the chance to formally establish our Tourism Competence Group within GlobalCom”, says Claudia Wittwer, coordinator of the network. GlobalCom is now represented in four more important travel markets with specialized agencies: Italy – Interview PR, France – Tutti quanti communications, the Netherlands –  Baltus Communications and UK – McCluskey International. KPRN network, the management board of TTM, itself is also covering Austria. “All of these agencies have a long proven track record in tourism business, and have worked for renowned clients like Finnair, Singapore Tourism Board, Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing and Luxe Worldwide Hotels”, says Claudia Wittwer. “By bringing in their solid expertise and contacts they will strengthen GlobalCom’s tourism competence significantly.”  Read more

New partner in the heart of Europe

Team PR Consult December 2008GlobalCom has been growing steadily over the last couple of months – if you just read the posts on this blog you will see that we could win excellent new partner agencies for our network. But there was still one important gap to fill – and this gap was right in the center of Europe! Ongoing negotiations turned out to be successful, though: PR Consult is our new partner in Brussels (Belgium).

Winning this new partner was almost like getting married: We had the first flirts over the phone some months ago, and after a while Jacques Lechat, Managing Partner at PR Consult, decided to “meet the family” in Milano. That obviously went well, and after a final visit of GlobalCom Directors Ralf Hartmann and Robert Nyström in Brussels things were set.. Read more

New Spanish partner for GlobalCom Health

Irene Tato - General Director Salud y ComunicaciónGlobalCom’s Healthcare Competence Team (GlobalCom Health) has been growing continuously since its kick-off meeting last summer in London. “We have been carefully selecting new specialized partner agencies in different markets over the last couple of months to make sure clients are talking to the real experts”, explains network coordinator Claudia Wittwer. Now SC Salud y Comunicación, Madrid-based PR agency exclusively focusing on healthcare and pharmaceutical communication, has joined the GlobalCom family. “Spain is definitely one of the most important healthcare markets in Europe, and we are happy to have an experienced partner there who also shows a strong commitment to the network.”

Salud y Comunicación works on Corporate Communication since 2005 for some of the most important pharmaceutical companies in Spain like Italfarmaco and Andrómaco. Among the agency’s clients are also Health Foundations like FUNDADEPS and Research & Development Centers like the Spanish National Cancer Research Center – CNIO.  “Additionally to this, we have become very familiar with the public healthcare sector working for Healthcare education campaigns for the Public Health Regional Government and some national medical and scientific societies”, adds Irene Tato, founder and General Director of SC.

What makes SC an excellent partner for GlobalCom’s healthcare business in Spain is not only the extensive expertise of the team, but also the broad range of services it provides. “We are not only offering PR and communication services for our clients, but we are also very active in research and organize events”, says Irene Tato.

Three years ago SC set up a new division to offer medical education programs to some healthcare companies as for example COLGATE. Two months ago, the SC team opened up a bottle of champagne to celebrate its latest success – winning an international pitch, as Irene Tato explains: ”We have won the US-American biotechnology company Genzyme as new client, and now we are doing the Strategic planning and Media Relations for them.”

Claudia Wittwer

Global Summit in Milano

GlobalCom Meeting in Milano, February 2009

Far too much time has passed since our last Global Meeting, and it was the highest time to meet again. For some participants it was actually the first personal contact with their GlobalCom colleagues. The agenda of the meeting was packed, and there were quite a number of new partners present: Federico Unnia from Echo Comunicazione d’Impresa (Italy, Healthcare), Michael Patzer from Patzer PR (Germany, Healtcare), Irene Tato from Salud y Comunicación (Spain, Healthcare), Hanna Kleber from KPRN network (Germany, Tourism) and Ingo Harding from Public Link (Germany, Consumer & Lifestyle) took their chance to introduce themselves and their agencies to the network.

In the second half of day 1, the competence teams or task forces were “on stage”. It was simply amazing to see how many clients GlobalCom agencies of the first specialised teams –such as ICT – have already shared. But even several members of the more recently established competence teams (Tourism, Healthcare & Energy) have already shared clients – sometimes even without even knowing (yet).

But of course it was not all about prospects, to-do-lists and the like – the meeting also provided insights into various aspects of communication business as well. Cheryl Gale, Principal at March PR (Boston, USA), presented a case study on how Twitter can be used in PR and Communication. After listening to her “learn more about Twitter” was probably on the to-do-list of most participants.

One novelty for our global meetings was the idea to invite potential cooperation partners and network clients to the meeting. Dr. Johannes Niggl, Head of Division “Invest ins Bavaria” at the Ministry of Economics in Bavaria, discussed the communicative challenges to present Bavaria as an investment location in an increasingly competitive world. Stuart Hurst, International Market Access Director at Nycomed, introduced his company and the expectations he would have regarding an international PR-Network. For him PR partners worldwide are not simply “the voice of Nycomed” in foreign markets. He also expects them to act as “transmitters”, as they have an insight into the different healthcare systems and national healthcare policies.

Well, and after all, it’s not only about learning and listening… sitting together, enjoying a nice Milanese dinner and having great conversations was a very important part of the meeting. Thanks to the great support of our Italian partner Prima Pagina, everything was well organized. Thinking about the location for the next meeting, maybe we should integrate a partner agency from the Seychelles or some place like that into the network…

Claudia Wittwer

GlobalCom PR-Network launches bio fuel expert Primafuel in Europe


California based bio energy expert Primafuel, starts European PR in conjunction to their attendance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Bio energy specialist Primafuel situated in Signal Hill (California, USA) presents a new and innovative approach to the production of zero-carbon fuels. Primafuel develops technology for the biofuel industry, reducing the carbon output along every step of the fuel supply-chain. Their innovative concept includes waste-stream recycling, scalable and modular refineries, carbon-monitoring infrastructure and the use of next-generation feedstock, such as algae.

In November Primafuel was named a 2008 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF awards companies which have developed ground-breaking technologies in the categories Energy, Biotechnology, Health Care and IT.

The company, currently attending the UN Climate Change Conference, saw the worldwide interest in the conference and the upcoming World Economic Forum as an incentive to expand their PR activities. GlobalCom PR Network will coordinate the first steps of the European PR launch from their German offices in Munich and cooperate with the GlobalCom Network partners for future activities.

GlobalCom Team Munich