Oh, Snap! Why Your B2B Brand Should Be On Snapchat








This post was first published by Melissa Drozdowski on Interprose’s blog, Interprose Voice.

Several weeks ago, my family and I attended my daughter’s cheerleading championships. Upon entering the arena, a torrent of candy-colored signage promoting the company’s social media accounts and in particular, a custom Snapchat filter created just for the day’s event, greeted us.

Knowing my own daughter would surgically attach her phone to her hand if she could, I guessed the filter would prove popular among the gazillion or so teen girls flitting around the arena, as well as all the parents, family, and friends in the stands. What I didn’t realize was just how wildly popular it would be – the snaps were piling up, hundreds of stories were being updated in real-time, and views were soaring higher than a cheerleader at the top of a basket toss.

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How PR Supports Intelligent Growth’s Five Pillars

This post was first published by James Gerber on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Full Disclosure: SiriusDecisions is a March client.

Last week, when John Neeson, SiriusDecisions co-founder and managing partner, took the main stage at SiriusDecisions’ Summit 2014 to unveil the company’s industry-first “B-to-B Confidence Index” study, he outlined the five pillars that lead to growth for B2B organizations:

Markets – Entering or expanding into vertical, horizontal or geographic markets using existing offerings.

Buyers – Targeting new buying centers and behaviors.

Offerings – Launch of new products/services, or enhancement of the current portfolio.

Acquisition – Purchase of other companies or incubating business units.

Productivity – Maximizing efficiency, effectiveness and engagement. Read more

Facing the Online Disinhibition Effect: Whether and When to Respond to Negative

By Annetta Hanna, Vice President Content, Jennifer Connelly Public Relations

If you are a business owner or company executive, you probably should be worrying about the Online Disinhibition Effect. According to research conducted by Rider University psychologist John Suler, it’s the Online Disinhibition Effect that inspires people to act badly – very badly – on websites, blogs, chat rooms, forums or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to the anonymity of online communications, normally mild-mannered people are capable of writing things that they’d never dream of saying in real life. Some even become internet trolls, posting malicious or inflammatory messages. And if the rancor focuses on a company’s products, services, employees or events, it can end up causing serious damage to the business.

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12 Tips for Smart Communications

By Leslie Billera, VP Marketing, Jennifer Connelly Public Relations

For clarity in all of your corporate communications, adhere to these tips. Not only will you showcase your polish and professionalism upon every interaction with your target audience, you’ll cut through the clutter with a commitment to quality content.

Tip #1

Create a confusion-free zone. Your prospects are barraged by hundreds of messages a day. Your company’s “narrative” needs to be clear, concise and easily-replicable both in written and verbal form. Clarify your story and stick to it. Read more

How B2B Tech Companies Can Generate Leads with LinkedIn

This post was first published by Beth Brenner on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

We often consult with clients on how to leverage social media to support lead generation. For B2B tech companies especially, we believe that one of the strongest channels at the moment is LinkedIn. Last year, HubSpot found that LinkedIn generated 3x as many leads as Facebook and Twitter. It offers more of a focus on professional networking and real opportunities for businesses to showcase themselves as industry thought leaders.

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