To Live Tweet or Not to Live Tweet…That is the Question (but Really Shouldn’t Be)

This post was first published by Melissa Drozdowski on Interprose’s blog, Interprose Voice.

You’ve secured your venue, lined up an array of amazing speakers, and executed a brilliant promotional campaign. Now what? What else could you possibly do to shine the spotlight down on your event, webinar, or press conference? Is there even anything left that might help you gain that extra oomph needed to really put your event campaign over the top?

You bet there is. You can live tweet.

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„What is old is new again“

In my roughly 15 years in the tech PR/marketing world, while there are new channels to build awareness, event PR hasn’t changed a whole lot in terms of its purpose.


 After the dotcom bust about 12 years ago, there were dire proclamations in the U.S. about the demise of the tradeshow based  on cost factors.  Companies didn’t need to pay travel expenses, booth costs, etc. when they could get the same benefits from  what was dubbed as “virtual events.”

While some of these virtual events are still in existence, many of the big tech tradeshows are booming and more are popping  up given the money that is flowing into tech from VCs.  Some of the top shows that our clients go to include RSA  ConferenceGartner ITxpoDreamforceHIMSSInteropO’Reilly StrataFOSE and Structure.

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How Technology Moves

This post was first published by Sarah Hurley on March Communications‘ blog PR Nonsense.

Working in high-tech PR gives us a unique perspective into the technology that is quickly becoming the lifeblood of the corporate world. It’s certainly an exciting time for us brand storytellers to be bringing to light important topics, like why U.S. cloud computing adoption rates far outpace Europe’s, for example, or how application performance management can improve a patient’s healthcare experience.

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Advantages of Large Trade Shows

A couple weeks ago, I attended a low key event in NYC and wrote about the benefits of smaller conferences. Well, just last week, I had quite the opposite experience as I attended Interop NY, one of the biggest tech trade shows around, to support several clients. And, while it was entirely exhausting and a bit too jam-packed at times, there were definitely advantages of attending this large conference.

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Telling signs

A serious lack of communication on our blog (except from the USA where our colleague Martin still tries to educate his US team on the importance of football (soccer for those who don’t know any better).

Everything besides necessary business tasks is taken up by the World Cup. But even during the business day you can hardly miss what’s going on in the football nations.

Telling signs are for example:

-The most important morning read is not one’s usual favourite trade or business newsletters but our internal e-mail update regarding the GlobalCom WorldCup bet and tip ranking-

-Office outfits are a bit more interesting than usual and demonstrate which country employees support
(we’re still waiting for fan outfits of our Japanese colleague – he should be celebrating today)

– The usual conference call opening topic weather has been completely replaced by the latest results, analysis of the last games and expectations

– Our French colleagues are growing desperate – arranging press meetings seems to be impossible as everybody seems to suffer from a collective depression
(let’s see how this will affect press contacts in Italy)

– Even early in the morning a lone Vuvuzela can be heard from below the office window …..

T-Online „Ranger Jens“ is looking for a solution of the Vuvuzela noise problem and presents alternatives on how to use Vuvuzelas in everyday life.

Alternative ides and suggestions are welcome!

Wibke Sonderkamp – GlobalCom Germany

The mountain and Mohamed or today: the event and the journalist at his desk

More and more editors complain about wanting to attend trade fairs or events but not being able to leave their desks due to understaffed offices and limited travel budgets.

This trend we experience in Germany is confirmed also by our colleagues in many other countries.

Of course we always tried to inform the media by sending out previews, trend reports after the event or surveys conducted at the trade fair. Since last year we also offer digital press rooms for very popular Read more