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The Top 7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014


Here are the top 7 ways content marketing will be effective in the future:

1. Businesses Will Finally be Able to Define Content Marketing

2. The Top New Marketing Job Title Recruited and Hired will be “Director of Content”

3. Mobile Content Marketing Strategies will Separate Winners from the Rest of the Pack

4. Calculating Content Marketing ROI Will Spawn New SAAS Software and Companies

5. Businesses Will Look for Ways to Automate Their Content Marketing, and These Efforts Will Fail

6. Google+ and Slideshare Will Become Essential for B2B Content Marketers

7. Location-Based Content Marketing Will Provide Huge ROI for Brick-and-Mortar BusinessesRead the full post to delve deeper.

8 Shocking Content Marketing Research Findings 


After reviewing the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks study, publisher Joe Piazzi lays out the most alarming finds in the content marketing research, including that less than 10% of B2B marketers are truly successful with content marketing.

Read more about the study’s findings here.


Email Etiquette 101: Avoid These All-Too-Common Gaffes When Communicating With Journalist


When communicating through e-mail it’s crucial to make the information direct and simple, but many are challenged with communicating effectively through e-mail.

Learn more about what not to do when pitching an e-mail from subject headings to wordy bodies.


Are Businesses Forgetting to be Social on Social Media?


Social media is one of the most powerful tools companies use to build relationships with their consumers. Yet most businesses forget to be social when developing direct relationships on social media.

Read more about how you can put the “social” in social media.


Social Media is Transforming into a Social Marketplace

 pic81% of online shoppers make purchasing decisions based on Facebook and Twitter friend recommendations. This MarketMeSuite study identifies that social media is changing the way we shop.

Learn more about the study’s key findings when it comes to shopping and social media.


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