Posted by Megan Snyder at Jennifer Connelly Public Relations (JCPR).

162307779According to a recent New York Times article by David Segal, “Online video ads are supposed to be a marketer’s dream. Instead, many get lost in an unruly maze.”’

Video ads are a huge market for brands looking to reach their audiences in an interactive and dynamic way—but how can you ensure the right people are seeing them? The article stated that more than half of online video ads are not seen due to:

-Being buried low on websites

-Running on easily ignored video players that are too small or hard to find

-Getting lost among other ads

Online video advertising can certainly be effective as long as you’re being strategic.

Case in Point

Take Innealta, a JCPR client, for example.

Instead of placing a static banner ad in to announce a new fund launch, they worked with JCPR’s marketing team to design an interactive banner ad that incorporated a video the firm had produced earlier with JCIP, JCPR’s video production company.

Enlivened by the video, the ad invited viewers to hear from a tactical fixed income trailblazer, the firm’s CIO Dr. Jeff Buetow. Incorporating the high-quality video personalized both the fund and the Innealta brand by showing the CIO’s obvious passion and expert insights.

Choosing Investment News, a targeted outlet that guaranteed Innealta would reach a relevant audience, took the guess work out of the problems described in the New York Times article.

Video Adds Va-Va-Voom to PR Too

Videos are also a fantastic way to tell your brand story within your PR campaign. Place them on the company website, in a multi-media press release (which increases press release viewership by a whopping 970%, according to PRNewswire), on your social media channels and use them in pitches to relevant media outlets to grab journalists’ attention.


Before rolling the camera, consider these pieces of advice from a few of JCPR’s experts:

“As with so many things, it’s ‘buyer beware’ when it comes to buying video placement online. Evaluate opportunity cost compared to reward. I’d rather spend a little more and guarantee that I’m getting the targeted eyeballs I need to reach.”

–          Andrea Trachtenberg, Managing Director


“The importance of using video in PR executions today cannot be overstated. Take the time to research outlets that are appropriate for your target audience. It’s not enough to just focus on websites with high traffic. Make sure it’s the right traffic. Asset.TV, for example, is an online video outlet exclusively for investment professionals.”

–          Greg Jawski, Managing Director


“Videos that teach the viewer something they didn’t know previously or explain a concept in an interesting and engaging way, are prime candidates for being included in an online news article or blog. Entice the viewer with something entertaining—not boring and self-serving.”

–          Melinda Brodbeck, Vice President


“There are numerous avenues you can take with video – from conventional animation to whiteboard videos, interview driven content, or even more non-narrative approaches –  they all take viewers on a journey and engage them emotionally.  It is vital to find the tone that works best for your message and audience.”

–          Steven Stoke, Managing Director, Video Content

Megan Snyder is the Assistant VP, Marketing at Jennifer Connelly Public Relations (JCPR). Follow @JCPR on Twitter for more communications, tips, tools and insights!