Each year, Beloit College releases its Mindset List, which provides a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college this fall. According to the list, the class of 2014 does not wear watches because they have always had cell phones, they’ve never written in cursive and they think of Nirvana as a band that pops up on a classic oldies station. I recently came across an article by TIME that looks at other “bygone experiences” today’s kids will miss.

Although I do not consider myself “old,” it’s hard to believe that today’s generation may never have watched an episode of Saved by the Bell or attended an N’Sync concert. Here’s what TIME lists as the top 10 things today’s kids will never experience:

  • Camera film– Personally, I miss the excitement of dropping off my disposable camera at the store and the suspense of seeing how my photos turned out! However, the quality of my pictures on a digital camera is much better.
  • Landline phones– I always felt awkward calling people’s house phones when I was younger since their parents usually answered, but with cell phones, this is no longer an issue.
  • Real books– Who needs the real thing when you can read on a Kindle or an iPad? For me, I will always love flipping through the actual hard copy of a book.
  • Being lost–  With the use of GPS technology, kids will never experience the adventure of being lost or driving around endlessly.
  • Music videos on MTV– I don’t think anyone can remember the last time they watched a music video on MTV. These days, it’s all about Teen Mom and the Jersey Shore.
  • Walkmans– No more changing batteries! I do not particularly miss these devices since the iPod came out and I am able to create a playlist with multiple artists.
  • Nick at Nite– I used to watch classic TV shows from my parent’s generation on this channel, but now you can catch reruns of Malcom in the Middle.
  • Tan M&M’s– Who doesn’t remember when blue won the new color contest?
  • Czechoslovakia– Will any kids of today remember when this battle for democracy was finally won?
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator– In the eyes of today’s generation, he is only seen as California’s governor.

I found this list to be quite interesting and it made me realize just how much technology has impacted our society– I can only imagine the products that my kids will someday grow up with. Is there anything else you can think of that the class of 2014 will never get to experience?

This post was first published by Danielle Sherman on March Communications’ blog, PR Nonsense, and may be viewed here.