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Founded in 2008 and based Lisbon, Guess What is one of the top 10 independent PR consultancies in Portugal with a broad and expert knowledge of Healthcare, B2B, IT, Corporate and Consumer & Lifestyle markets. With four great areas of involvement – Communication, Design, Digital and Public Affairs – we provide a full range of communication integrated services from PR and media relations services, to Digital with online media and social media campaigns and Influencers Management to integrated marketing communications and PR design.

Always with Coolmunication on our mind!

Our focus is to add value to our clients in an honest and transparent way, maintaining long-lasting and successful relationships with companies of various areas and dimensions.

Our clients range from major international companies to start-ups and some of our clients include Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola, Tesla, Google, Emma, Yescapa, Xpand-IT, SunEnergy, Kwanko, Japan Tobacco International, Toolto amongst others.

We are an award-winning agency, that uses innovative methods and specific and relevant data to develop engaging communication strategies. Currently, Guess What is also owner of Circle, an Advertising Agency found in 2019, Improve, an Innovation Consulting Agency and Guess Who, a Digital Influencers management agency.

We believe in projects implementation that go beyond the obvious, with engaging and differentiating narratives.

Our industries and expertise:

Healthcare & Science Communication, Corporate Communications, Technology PR, Social Media Management, Creative Design, International PR projects, Crisis Management and Public Affairs.