Livewired PR

Livewired PR

Livewired was founded in 1989 the original founders having already left the business. The current executives have been in the business for the last seven years. It is the only South African Partner to GlobalCom PR Network, with access to 80 global agencies. Livewired makes use of an integrated marketing communications approach to create focused communication strategies and campaigns. The employee’s passion and experience in this field will ensure that your companies’ awareness is ignited.

Livewired works with both B2B and B2C clients. Clients are across industries. International businesses want to expand their offering to the African continent but seek a trusted and knowledgeable African partner to ensure the successful development and implementation of their project. Understanding the complexities and nuances of rapidly emerging markets is vital for successful communication and Livewired being cognisant of this need, for a niche African business offering, established AFRICAWIRED. Africawired based in Johannesburg has a network of associate communication agencies in Africa. Livewired has been a GlobalCom member for five years.

Livewired is  an award-winning PR agency and some of its awards include multiple PRISA awards (Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa), South African Prism Gold Award 2019 and Accredited finalist in GlobalCom awards 2018.

Some important clients we have worked with:

  • Trina Solar NY listed.
  • Moutai
  • IEEE
  • Alcatel
  • Aspect
  • Philips