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Wave Communications is Korea’s leading B2B PR & Marketing company. Since its establishment in 2006, it has secured Global & Local IT vendors as customers and has achieved remarkable growth every year. We support clients with cutting-edge technologies such as software, hardware, network, and security, and conducted various PR campaigns, media relation, and article development to position our clients on top in market.

Due to the recent development of digital marketing, marketing campaigns such as SEO, e-mail, webinar, and social media development are helping customers grow their business. Wave Communications supports the marketing campaign not only digital but offline like seminar, exhibition, conference, and meet-up so our customers can get the qualified leads which to be the main sales growth.

Wave Communications consists of veteran AEs with at least 10 years of hands-on experience and provides the best service based on a strong bond with the media.

In addition to major IT media, we provide differentiated PR & Marketing services that meet customer needs by working with power bloggers and influencers, it leads customers who have worked once as continuous customers.

Wave Communications will undoubtedly be the best partner for global companies that want to enter Korea, the center of the global economy and culture.