Artbox – The hipster night market in Singapore

Artbox Singapore
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  • Artbox GlobalCom PR Network
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The Invade Industry’s Artbox was renowned amongst international travellers as a hipster night market in Thailand. The first Artbox to be held outside of Bangkok, the Artbox Singapore, aimed to recreate the ambience of its Thai equivalent and worked together with our Singaporean agency PRecious Communications to make Artbox the go-to cultural event.

How we work together

  • Encouragement of visitors to share their experience on social media
  • Arrangement of experiential tours for social media influencers and journalist on the first day of the event
  • 3km light-up of fairy lights, creating an “instagrammable” atmosphere

The Results

  • In the first weekend alone, the total amount of visitors exceeded the expected quantity by 100,000.
  • Total footfall of S$600,000, exceeding targeted total attendance by 50%.
  • Total vendor sales reached over S$10 million, more than tripling the initial target.
  • Coverage across all forms of media, achieving a PR value of S$72 million.