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Communication Consultants (CC)

Immerse. Develop. Enhance. That´s exactly what we do: We immerse ourselves in your challenges, develop the right content for your target groups and enhance the impact of your communications across all relevant channels. From small and medium-sized businesses to industrial enterprises, we start by finding out what makes you tick. Clients with technically complex products and stories? We like! Once we have your story and target groups nailed down, we create content that brings out the very best in you and spread the word in all the right places.

Communication Consultants (CC) is an owner-driven company and medium-size PR agency based in Stuttgart, Germany with an office in Toronto, Canada. CC has been serving industry, business and government for over 20 years worldwide. Our client base shows a range of new clients as well as customers that have been with us for many years.

CC has a strong B2B and G2B portfolio making up 90 per cent of its business. Our current clients list includes approximately 30+ B2B/G2B-clients. Our core areas of expertise are the automotive industry, energy and environment, life science and biotech, ICT, financial services and technical industry.

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Communication Consultants is an official member of the GlobalCom PR Network