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You know you work for a tech PR agency when you read an article that projects the number of Android devices that Google will activate this year and your first reaction is: Client X can help prepare for this! At March, we are constantly reading up on all of the tech world’s emerging trends, and we’re quite good at recognizing positive momentum when we see it. Even so, the 900 million Android devices expected to be activated this year made me do a double-take.

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This post was first published by Doug Flora on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

I’m not an Apple die-hard, because I like brand variety in my life. I have a phone running Android, a PC running Windows and an iPad to quench my tablet needs. The iPad is the first Apple computer I’ve had since the Macintosh Performa (complete with CD-ROM and modem!) my family owned in the early to mid-nineties, and I’ve found it to be a great tool and an elegant, highly functional device. I sing its praises plenty.

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A few weeks ago, I blogged about how Amazon beat both Google and Apple to put music in the cloud, even though they sidestepped some strict U.S. licensing agreements. Well, it turns out Google was not too far behind with the launch of their own musical cloud service, which came out just six weeks later. But was Google following in Amazon’s footsteps too closely? Read more