As part of #IWD2020, the GlobalCom PR-Network team invited me to share my story, as well as some tips for anyone wanting a satisfying and successful career in Tech.

In the 60s my class did a class outing – we went to an aquarium and some other stuff before visiting a computer centre on the way back. I remember being fascinated by the computer centre – we got to watch tapes going round, punch cards being fed into the card reader, and a BIG computer with lots of blinking lights – all in a special room. I remember being particularly impressed with the woman in the room – she was wearing a trouser suit – which was almost revolutionary in the day!

It was then that I seriously thought about a career working with computers.
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Like many things in life, maintaining a career as a PR executive is a balancing act. Learning how to cope with the fast-paced atmosphere and tight deadlines while saving time to revel in  the success of a campaign is something we all strive to achieve. PR professionals are notorious multitaskers; and while juggling multiple clients, deadlines and launches simultaneously may seem to be just another part of the job, there’s no denying that it can get extremely stressful at times. At the end of the day, though, it’s all worth it! Or so we, the public relations firms, claim. Read more