Writer, Pen

Storytelling is truly an art. Everything from music lyrics to poetry to novels should draw the audience in and give them something to care about. People often forget that writing, in all its forms, is meant to tell a story – one that provides people with a reason to continue reading and to be invested in what you have to say. But here’s the trick. In PR, just like in writing novels, we need to be invisible and let the content speak for itself. Whether you’re working on a bylined article, a pitch to a journalist, marketing materials or a blog post, the goal is to tell a story that allows the reader to make a connection without feeling like it has been pushed on them. You need to deliver PR services with some soul.

Elmore Leonard (Wikipedia) is one of the greatest novelists of the last century. He has written dozens of books, many of which have been adapted for both television and film. He has a gift for dialogue that most writers would sell their souls for, and he has the ability to tell a story without it feeling like he’s the one telling it.

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