Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Our PR interview series* will visit India today: in our latest interview with Xavier Prabhu, Founder and Chief Mentor of the Indian communication group Businesshubs, you will learn why PR is highly localized in India (as all well-executed international PR efforts should be) and why a lot of overseas companies fail here in their overall marketing and PR strategies. Additionally, you will read about the mobile revolution here and the increasing acceptance of the new communication channels in this market.

* The series is based on phone or face-to-face interviews and written input, therefore please excuse language mistakes which might reflect foreign language influences.

1. What is the latest trend (change) in PR you have identified in your region?

Xavier Prabhu: PR has been around in India for three decades now. Today it is not just one of the biggest growth markets for the entire industry on a global scale, but also an exciting market where new lessons are learnt and the boundaries stretched. It is still to get to the levels of the western world but my gut feel is that somewhere it will strike a path of its own and not just follow what the west has done.

The biggest trend we’re seeing across India is a lot of M&A activity, resulting in less independent agencies across the country. A recent example is Publicis Groupe acquiring one of the major Indian agencies. We’re also seeing companies move beyond media relations into new ideas and tools, and I am not only talking about digital or social media.

As a consequence of the extremely dynamic development of certain sectors in India and a buoyant job market where even average talents have multiple options, employer branding and internal communication are gaining traction. Read more