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The word “innovation” undergoes a full declension in recent years, substituting a wide array of terms used to describe something new or modern, especially in the technical or technological fields as well as computer sciences. I personally definitely prefer to use the term “rationalization” although, for older people still remembering the communist era, it may possess rather negative connotations.

Because what is the basic difference between these two terms? Rationalization holds the element of “ratio” (Latin for reason) in contrast to innovation which comes from “in nova” (Latin for new). And actually that is where the discussion concerning innovation could end. However, I will allow myself a certain reflection. What makes us human, and what are the risks for us to stop being that?

The futuristic visions of the world are as fascinating as they are terrifying. The speeding technical progress results in that various inventions more and more often substitute people in terms of every-day work, production, and services, while IT systems not only support us in making decisions but actually replace people in analytical and research works.

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