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The continuing trend of content consumption shifting from paper to screen looks set to accelerate.

The Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, a survey of the top fifth of U.S. households with household income over $100K, found that the popularity of the iPad is expected to continue to grow, with 1.4m affluent consumers planning on purchasing a tablet,  1.7m planning to buy an e-reader and 4.5m planning to buy a smartphone.

The survey polls a group considered to be the driving force behind the U.S. economy.  These households accounts for approximately 60% of household income and about 70% of all net worth.  With 98% of them online (compared to a national average of 70%) they also own a lot of screen-based devices – of the 44m affluent heads of household, 14.5m own smartphones, 2m own e-readers and nearly 1m own tablets.

There were a couple of other trends that are interesting / worrying…

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