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Today IFA Berlin, the largest European consumer electronics show opens its gates again. Visitors and media can see and try some of the latest exciting new products at IFA:

Midland XTC-400 FULL HDMidland for example launches the sales of the latest action cams of the XTC product series at IFA 2013. In addition to the advanced technology and many new features the latest action cam generation convinces with its ease of use. Midland presents the new model XTC-400 FULL HD and XTC-280 at the IFA hall 1.2 – booth 118.

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This post was first published by Sarah Hurley on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Working in high-tech PR gives us a unique perspective into the technology that is quickly becoming the lifeblood of the corporate world. It’s certainly an exciting time for us brand storytellers to be bringing to light important topics, like why U.S. cloud computing adoption rates far outpace Europe’s, for example, or how application performance management can improve a patient’s healthcare experience.

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This post was first published by Hanah Johnson on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Earlier this week, Circa released an app that could potentially overhaul breaking news and how it’s consumed in a digital era.

Frustrated with the way daily news articles appear on our phones, often poorly reformatted from content intended for web browsing, Circa’s founders aimed to adapt news content specifically for mobile consumption. Furthermore, they wanted re-frame not just the way traditional news is delivered to mobile audiences, but also the way news is actually produced, by blowing up the news story and presenting it as component pieces. Read more

With the advent of Cloud computing, the public relations industry has found ways to adapt and creatively leverage new forms of communication and Cloud-based services – namely, social media and networking tools. But what’s the best way to use these Cloud-based tools for your company’s PR campaigns? How do you weigh the risks with the rewards? Recently, my article, Social Media PR, a Balancing Act, was featured in the premiere issue of Cloud Magazine, a professional cloud computing resource for small and medium business leaders, discussing this very topic. Check it out… Read more

Ok, crazy idea time: I just picked up my phone and found that there were updates for about ten of my applications, some of which I know were updated just days ago, or at most, maybe a couple weeks ago. I find this somewhat annoying.

Firstly, though not really of concern for me as I am still grandfathered in to Verizon’s unlimited data plans, is that updates take bandwidth. If you have to contend with multiple updates that come one after another for each of your apps, many only to fix one small thing that should have been grouped in with others, and you’re not using an unlimited data plan, these app updates are wasting your bandwidth allotment, and potentially costing you money if they result in overages. Read more

It’s nearly time for IFA again and gadget fans enjoy the variety of product news. Receiving a test product caused a discussion around the topic eReaders versus books during our lunch break. We summarized the exchanged arguments for you: Read more

This past weekend, while getting my monthly massage at John Davis Therapeutic Massage on Boylston Street, I was completely relaxed and definitely not thinking about work or technology in the slightest. That was, until it came time to pay…

As I pulled out my credit card, John simply pulled out his iPad. No credit card machine, no cash register, just an iPad. Attached to the top was a small, white cube that turned out to be a credit card reader.

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I’m sure by now most of you have seen the catchy IBM commercials where IBM engineers and employees explain their great ideas and forward thinking, stating, “I’m an IBMer. Let’s build a smarter planet.” One of the latest and by far the most talked about commercials by IBM is the one about Watson. Watson is a system designed for answering questions. It is a computer that uses deep analytics to uncover meaning in human language. Read more