It’s nearly time for IFA again and gadget fans enjoy the variety of product news. Receiving a test product caused a discussion around the topic eReaders versus books during our lunch break. We summarized the exchanged arguments for you: Read more

This past weekend, while getting my monthly massage at John Davis Therapeutic Massage on Boylston Street, I was completely relaxed and definitely not thinking about work or technology in the slightest. That was, until it came time to pay…

As I pulled out my credit card, John simply pulled out his iPad. No credit card machine, no cash register, just an iPad. Attached to the top was a small, white cube that turned out to be a credit card reader.

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I’m sure by now most of you have seen the catchy IBM commercials where IBM engineers and employees explain their great ideas and forward thinking, stating, “I’m an IBMer. Let’s build a smarter planet.” One of the latest and by far the most talked about commercials by IBM is the one about Watson. Watson is a system designed for answering questions. It is a computer that uses deep analytics to uncover meaning in human language. Read more