Tips & Tricks

Since there are no two PR campaigns, two clients or two audiences the same, things can sometimes go wrong for the right reasons or exceptionally well for the wrong reasons. We stand to learn from both. So please read some useful tips and tricks that both emerging and seasoned PR professionals could make use of to ensure PR efforts run smoothly and deliver the desired results.

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How B2B Tech Companies Can Generate Leads with LinkedIn

We often consult with clients on how to leverage social media to support lead generation. For B2B tech companies especially, we believe that one of the strongest channels at the moment is LinkedIn. Last year, HubSpot found that LinkedIn generated…
CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

A Broader Perspective to Board Responsibility

This week GlobalCom PR Network Partner Stephen P. D’Alessandro from CREDAL Business Consulting introduces traditional and modern perspectives on the concepts of corporate governance and board responsibility. Milton Friedman’s traditional…
PR Crises

Getting Through a PR Crisis – some quick notes

It seems that two years following the 25th January revolution most PR work in Egypt has shifted towards contingency planning and PR crisis management. According to the Institute of PR, a crisis is “a significant threat to operations that can…
Social Media Channels

Social Media: Where Do You Turn for News?

It’s obvious that social media has become a pervasive way to gather news and information on trending topics, current events and interesting subject matter, but has it become the top source people turn to, or is it merely a supplement for more…
Social Media

Social Media Dos and Don’ts in 2011

The Boston Globe recently published a slideshow series on social media etiquette, listing helpful tips, dos and don’ts of social networking sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. As social media continues to evolve, many are still…
Airbnb room with a table and chairs around it and a cactus by thh window

AirBnB Fixes PR Problem

AirBnB has been one of my favorite new sites for more than a year now.  It’s an online service that matches people with short-term vacation rentals that are typically people’s private homes or guest rooms. There’s obviously a huge leap-of-faith…

Don’t go “off the record” in Italy but learn how to creatively combine Social Media and traditional PR

Learn how the financial crisis influenced PR practices in Italy, how to intelligently integrate social media and classical press release distribution to fulfill the needs of today’s media professionals in Italy in our international PR series…
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How Business Travel Can Benefit Your Company

As the economy begins to improve, companies still find themselves cutting costs by eliminating business trips. It makes sense—remove trips and you save money—yet is it smart? At March Communications, we frequently travel and believe that…