State of the Internet

Pretty interesting (and rather well done) video on the growth of the Internet, from its humble beginnings to the current Worldwide breakdown in users. Fascinating to see, in statistical terms, how their use of it has changed over time and just how much spam there is these days! Also notable is the growth in blogs and online video….and of course the acceleration of the proliferation of social media. Read more

The mountain and Mohamed or today: the event and the journalist at his desk

More and more editors complain about wanting to attend trade fairs or events but not being able to leave their desks due to understaffed offices and limited travel budgets.

This trend we experience in Germany is confirmed also by our colleagues in many other countries.

Of course we always tried to inform the media by sending out previews, trend reports after the event or surveys conducted at the trade fair. Since last year we also offer digital press rooms for very popular Read more

Twitter Benefits, Sans Tweeting

When I first joined Twitter, I wondered what to tweet.  What could I possibly say that was “tweet-worthy?”  If memory serves, I think my first tweet was literally, “TWEET!”  Needless to say, it didn’t produce many re-tweets or spur any discussions.  I was just testing out the chops!
Turns out many people are reluctant to join Twitter because the feel they have nothing to say.  I just read an interesting article in the New York Times that looks at Twitter benefits from a different angle.  Essentially, it’s not about what you’re saying (you could be saying nothing at all!),  it’s about what dialogues you’re tapping into.

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