Annual Summit.

Members of the GlobalCom PR Network meet once a year to exchange business ideas and trends in the PR field from their respective countries. Our annual meetings give members the opportunity to get to network with one another, participate in business development workshops, and develop their client base.

A few words about GlobalCom PR Network philosophy

Since our founding in 2005, we have strived to build a global network in which every member has the opportunity to market oneself and support others regionally and globally. Our annual meetings worldwide have proven to be instrumental in strengthening relationships with each other, team chemistry, and finally our client base. Our trusted team of colleagues worldwide will ensure us continued success in the future.

We are pleased every year with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive from our annual meetings. As you can imagine, our annual meetings are packed with events and workshops geared towards team building, strengthening relationships and sharing ideas. Some of these include:

  • Practice Sessions designed to give participants the opportunity to exchange and develop new ideas.
  • Business Development Workshops that consists of presentations and discussions on marketing and brand identity.
  • Networking Events which allow participants to re-connect with each other and build their client base.
  • Global Outreach allowing us to provide PR- and marketing services to our clients around the world.

Agency members meet annually to exchange and develop new business ideas!



“It is my belief that the organisation have gained a very positive momentum for the year to come, with true commitments from the participating members at the conference, as well as from the management. It felt very much like we were a family, striving for the same goals, with a mutual willingness to make things happen.” – Wise Communications


United States

“If only there was more dancing, laughter and hugs – the world would be a better place :-) I so enjoyed last week. The meeting was a great success I think, the collective spirit seemed very upbeat and positive. Being in such an idyllic location didn’t hurt either.. Thanks again to Ralf and Christopher – and the team for such a well organized and thoroughly enjoyable Annual Meeting.” – Interprose PR



“Thank you! It was great to finally get together and we are now filled with anticipation on our membership in the Global Com family. And a big thank to you all for a really great conference!” – Punkt PR



“Thanks Chris, Angelika and everyone. I really don’t feel far away from home at all when I’m with GCPR family.” 


United States

“This was Smart Connections PR’s first GlobalCom PR annual meeting. We knew the event would be fun and provide us with an opportunity to network with PR professionals from all over the world. Our expectations were exceeded by the knowledge we walked away with after the two days of meetings. It was extremely valuable to hear stories and case studies or how PR business is conducted in the member participating territories and reassuring that the experiences of Smart Connections are those of our colleagues, as well. We are so pleased we attended the annual meeting and look forward to next year’s GlobalCom event!” – Smart Connections PR



“GlobalCom is about making people feel good. It’s great to work with top communication experts, who really know each other, like a family, and are passionate about making their clients and all their clients’ stakeholders happy.” – Emakina Groups