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The Claranet Research Programme is an annual investigation into the latest trends and attitudes of IT leaders across Western Europe. It is the basis of an extensive thought leadership campaign to promote Claranet as a leading cloud managed services providers for the mid-market.

Spreckley, a GlobalCom PR Agency based in London, has worked with Claranet for five years and has achieved year-on-year increases in media coverage since 2011. A key challenge for any media campaign is to create thought provoking news that attracts and then keeps the interest of the press. It is vital to go beyond product or service announcements and talk to the needs and concerns of IT leaders. By staying on top of trends, companies like Claranet are able to provide opinion and build close long-term relationships with journalists.

The Claranet Research Programme is a key part of the annual PR campaign and Spreckley manages the programme, including guiding the development of survey questions, the appointment of a specialist research agency, and the analysis of the findings and development of story angles.

For the 2015/16 campaign, Spreckley was able to develop 18 separate story lines that aligned with Claranet’s core messages while providing useful insight for the press to use in their publications. This put Claranet front and centre with the target audience for this campaign – IT leaders looking to procure cloud services.

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