European Institute of Oncology

Since 2006 the Italian GlobalCom team MY PR managed the IEO’s (European Institute of Oncology) communication with the  goal of gaining visibility for clinical activities and research and to support IEO in strengthining the organisation’s reputation by featuring the relationship with institutions, investor relations (especially with Mediobanca, Telecom, Generali, Fonsai-Milano, Unicredit, Intesa, RAS, Mediolanum), organizational quality and partnerships. A yearly meeting with key economic and financial journalists, the organization of the opening ceremony of the most important hub for oncology in Europe (the IFOM IEO), the contents management of the IEO DAY and the organization of the Quality Week and the Quality Award (a prize-giving moment to reward the best applications and case studies in terms of Service Quality for citizens), have been key pillars of the successful PR program.

IEO GlobalCom PR