Haier Financial

Haier Financial is a professional service firm providing commercial lending and leasing as well as a range of financial services for 7 industries. These include: healthcare, agriculture, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, green energy, and community services. To differentiate the business and services in the minds of target market, the company changed its name from ‘Haier Equipment Leasing and Finance’ to ‘Haier Financial’, triggering a series of reforms in its business strategies and branding strategies.

ZERONE Communications planned a series of tailored activities to help Haier Financial rebrand in a way that would yield desired business results. The scope of work included:

  • Arranging interviews with the CEO and business unit managers to obtain a thorough understanding of the business’s reason behind the rebranding, objectives, unique selling points, target audience, customer perception and messaging.
  • Conducting comprehensive research on its competitors in and out of China.
  • Developing a document illustrating the company’s market positioning, value proposition, brand tagline and messaging architecture.
  • Writing content for Haier Financial’s new website
  • Developing a brochure and one-page cheat sheet to effectively demonstrate the brand’s services
  • Providing strategic consultation on the communications plan in China