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WOW Air is the newest Icelandic airline. Founded in 2011, the low-fare airline brings to Europe the WOW factor of Iceland, a unique travel destination. Among other European airports, since 2012 the carrier has offered cheap direct flights from Berlin, Stuttgart and Zurich to Reykjavik.

public link, our GlobalCom PR member based in Berlin, Germany, was responsible for the complete launch campaign in Germany and Switzerland. WOW Air benefited from the agency’s long-term aviation and Iceland experience. In close cooperation with its headquarters, public link positioned the new player as THE Iceland carrier, which offers the very best of price-performance ratios coupled with the unique Icelandic sense of humour.

Whether directed towards potential passengers, travel operators or opinion multipliers, in addition to increasing the awareness and reputation, targeted communications activities consistently intoned the quality features of the low-fare airline and elaborated on the emotional aspects of flying. Ultimately, the experience of a flight begins at the check-in.

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